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Railway Workplace Fined 1 Million Cash in Injury Claim

April 7, 2012 by  Filed under Featured, News


Andy Barati, a Metro-North Railroad employee, was granted over 1 million by a national jury in disciplinary impairments, regarding his complaint indicting the commuter railway of penalizing him for informing an injury. In addition, the jury awarded 50,000 cash to Andy Barati for abandoned earnings, grief, distress and mutilation. Barati said he was mistakenly punished for informing that a jack stopped working and a rail fell and cracking his toe.


Charles Goetsch, his lawyer, stated the judgment was the first under the Federal Rail Safety Act, which prohibits punishing workers who inform a breach of laws or rules or an accident at work.


“It sent an unmistakably powerful message to Metro North and all railroads that retaliation against workers who report safety concerns will not be tolerated”, he added.


Marjorie Anders, spokesperson at Metro-North stated that the railroad was evaluating and assessing the judgment “with an eye toward appeal”. Metro-North is one among the most broadly passed through traveler railways in the nation that connects NY City with suburbs in Connecticut, New Jersey and NY state.


Barati, aged 48 years, from Waterbury, Conn., said he was wounded when working at Grand Central Terminal, NY, in April 2008. He also said he was dismissed, then soon after hired back with his discharge cut down to a suspension. Barati was indicted of dropping a rail and block tie devoid of inspecting foot clearance, instigating his left foot to happen to be caught under the block tie and thereby ensuing in wound.


Metro-North also said Barati was punished for breaching company policy while he neglected to ensure his feet were in a secure place prior to discharging the trigger on the jack.


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) conducted a thorough inspection and examination, and discovered “rational cause” to consider that Metro-North breached the railroad safety law in June 2009. Barati got $5,254 paid back.  OSHA stated Barati, vehicle operator and a track man, had not controlled or driven a manual track jack excluding for “a couple of minutes” for the duration of orientation. Additionally, it found that the foreman had informed that the workplace was unsatisfactorily and inadequately lit.


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