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76 Year Old Man Receives Six Figure Medical Negligence Compensation After Leg Amputation

June 20, 2012 by  Filed under News


A doctor’s wrong diagnosis and lack of responsibility caused an old man suffer a leg amputation. Brian Dowsett, the 76 year old victim, would have never thought a day before that a simple blood clotting in the right leg will turn him disabled. The old man, angry and no won no fee solicitorsfrustrated with his misdiagnosis, sued the concerned doctor and filed medical negligence claims against him. The case was investigated and after a lot of humdrum, the court ordered Dr. Hans Raj Yadav to pay a six-figure sum to recompense the loss suffered by Dowsett. The no win no fee solicitors representing Dowsett claimed that the awarded money will be used for purchasing special equipments to cover up his disability.

Brian Dowsett, the retired accountant felt an excruciating pain in his leg and went to Dr. Hans Raj Yadav for consultation at an out-of-hours surgery at Croydon in South London. The physician asked him to go back home and talk to his GP. Dowsett went to his GP who sent the old man back to the hospital where a surgery was conducted to eliminate the blood clot in his leg. The operation proved to be unsuccessful and 3 weeks later, the affected leg was amputated.

Finally, Dr. Yadav has accepted his negligence after five years of the incident and the victim has acquired the huge sum of money from the insurance company of the accused doctor. Sally Leonards, Dowsett’s lawyer, said that the doctor showed extreme irresponsibility in misdiagnosing the systems of a clogged artery. The leg turned extremely white and cold with a feeble pulse and still the doctor failed to measure the seriousness of the case. She added, ““Despite Mr Dowsett’s leg being in a serious condition, an urgent hospital appointment was not made and he was sent home. This had devastating consequences and caused a significant delay in treatment and ultimately the loss of Mr Dowsett’s leg”. After the court hearing, Dowsett said that he used to do a lot of golfing and dog walking before the mishap and he will not be able to do them anymore. Though pleased to receive the lump sum compensation, Dowsett still feels sad about what has happened to him.

The Brian Dowsett case is just a small example of medical negligence. There are many more cases of clinical negligence recorded in the UK. Each year, hundreds and thousands of people suffer from injury and disability due to clinical negligence. Last February, an MP presented a report in the House of Commons to show that the NHS has to pay a bill amounting to £15.7 billion for settling the medical malpractice claims every year. To keep the medical malpractice cases in check, the General Medical Council (GMC) has introduced a new system of 5 yearly checks on doctors. Under this new system, 15 new regional officers will deal with NHS organizations and the firms recruiting the doctors and acquire information on the underachieving physicians. The measure taken by the General Medical Council (GMC) has been recognized as a step towards monitoring the performance of the doctors in the UK and an initiative to keep the clinical negligence in check.

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