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A Close Projection of the No Win No Pay Lawyers

September 29, 2012 by  Filed under News


What is meant by the term No Win No Fee?

In recent years, no win no fee could come under public knowledge. Whether it is the accident victims, plaintiffs or any common man, it is very common term to all.  Its term ‘no win no fee’ being suggestive of its meaning states that the client on signing such an agreement will be served at free of cost until the no win no fee solicitors win the case. Moreover, if the lawyers fail to win the case the clients will not be charged a single penny against their services.

Such an agreement have gained much of popularity among the endless victims as on availing such facility the victims could lessen their extra expenditure on hiring a solicitor. But this not applicable for all those cases, where the victim have endured injuries out of crime or want to settle family issues. Thus, if you have encountered any accident such as, road traffic accidents, medical negligence and slip and trip accidents you are eligible to ask personal injury claim from the guilty.

Why do the Solicitors have No Win No Fee Claim?

The no win no fee lawyers in the UK have always been under lime light because of their plaintiff-friendly services. When the legal aid was abolished that snatches the access to justice for those who could not pay the fees, then the UK law firms operated a ‘loser pay’ lawful system that enabled the introduction of no win no fee agreement to the accident victims.

To know more clearly about the above mentioned statements, scan through the following to know how the services of the no win no fee lawyers can be beneficial for the plaintiffs,

  • Free Services: An accident not only gives pains and sufferings to the victim but at the same time drench him financially. In such a crisis period it might become impossible for the victim to expend more on hiring a solicitor. Thus, the no win no fee lawyers are there to offer their free of cost services to such endless plaintiffs. Moreover, on loosing the case the plaintiffs will not be charged anything.
  • 100% Effort: On signing agreement with the no win no fee solicitors you will realize their 100% dedication and effort on winning the case. Majorly, maybe it is because they want to keep up to the expectation to their clients or simply because of the reason that if they lose the case they will not be paid. May whatever the reason, the best to take out of it is the effort they put in to assure successful claim to their clients.
  • Pay Minimum Fee: On  winning the case the plaintiffs need to pay only the success fee along with the compulsory legal fee to the solicitors that enables them to take way most of the amount of the compensation with them. With which they can meet all the losses and continue medical treatment without any hesitation.
  • Lucrative Plan: On discussing the case at the first meeting with the no win no fee lawyers they make out a plan of action depending upon which the whole legal system is preceded. The plan is systematic catering on the lawyers gather the accident related information in a step-by-step procedure.
  • Professional Guidelines: Mostly the plaintiffs are capable of gathering all the proofs and evidences. But what they actual need is that an experienced professional guidance. The no win no fee advisors offer systematic guidelines at every step of the claiming procedure to the accident victims. Being ignorant about the lawful moves of the claiming procedure the plaintiffs might make mistakes and plunder the case. Thus, the solicitors keep on guiding the victims about the do’s and don’ts of the legal system.
  • Stay Connected: The no win no fee solicitors offer 24 hours services to their clients and keep them up-to-dated about the further moves of the "no win no fee"claim. If you want to ask any questions regarding any move you are then free to receive answers from them. They are responsible enough to answer all the queries of the plaintiffs.
  • Bear all the Responsibility: Once you hire a no win no fee solicitor, he is entitled to bear all the responsibility of the claim. Right starting from gathering proofs and evidences, determining value of compensation and representing the case to the court, he does it all for the client. You basically have to do nothing rather than sitting back at home and receiving the winning amount by post.

Thus, if you have endured any type of accident due to the ignorance of the third party then you may contact the various law firms in the UK, where the no win no fee lawyers work as associates to offer their services to the plaintiffs.

What if the Plaintiffs want to opt for Mutual Settlement?

Especially, in cases of accidents at work, the victims might want to opt out of the court settlement in fear of losing their jobs. No wonder the no win no fee solicitors also provide mutual settlement services to their clients. They hold a conference with the insurer of the litigant where discussions and arguments take place to negotiate on the determined amount of the compensation. In such a situation the lawyers make sure that the plaintiffs do not get compensated for a lesser amount of compensation. With their ethical reasoning they make possible to settle for fair value of compensation with which the accident might get paid for all the damages that was incurred upon him at due to the negligence of either the business owner or the co-worker.

Though, no win no fee solicitors have been often termed as ‘ambulance-chasers’ by the UK government, yet the name and fame could not be harmed that the solicitors could achieve over the years. With their cost-effective services and client-friendly facilities they could win applauds from the innumerable accident victims in the UK. On availing their services you first need to claim online for their approval.

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