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A Discussion from the Perspective of the No Win No Fee Solicitors

June 22, 2012 by  Filed under News


Accident victims, who are subjected to immense physical and mental pain and trouble search for ways of overcoming the impending crisis. It is perhaps needless to mention that compensation claims have come to the rescue of the accident victims who have been suffering entirely as a consequence of the negligence of a third party. The emergence of the very system of filing compensation claims no win no fee solicitorsalong with the no win no fee solicitors was meant to offer easy access to justice to those who have not been covered by sufficient legal insurance. However, not all cases are taken up by the lawyers, nor are all claimants given the opportunity to seek justice without the necessity of shelling out anything for the purpose. The point here is that the solicitors consider several factors before representing a particular case. Since it is unlikely on part of them to communicate to you in details regarding why or why not they are going to fight for you cause, it is essential that you stay aware about few things.

To begin with, claims made for different kinds of accidents can be divided under the categories of car accident claims, whiplash claims and so on. The lawyers registered with the legal service providing agencies have specialized knowledge and skills in dealing with the specific types of claims. As such, on coming across your case, if they feel like they do not have much experience in the field, they might refuse to initiate the rest of the process. It is for this reason that the claimants are required to get hold of the right attorneys as a means of ensuring maximum success of the claim.

The Conditional Fee Agreement states that in the event of the claim being won, it is the negligent third party that will be required to cover up for the legal expenses of the claimant. On the other hand, when the claim is lost, it is usually free service that the accident victims receive from the legal professionals. All this makes it rather clear that the solicitors take up only those cases that exhibit highest chances of success. Claims, which have a stronger base to it, upholding the fact that the victim had no fault of his own are likely to emerge successful in the long- run. The no win no fee solicitors analyze all these aspects carefully before lending their services, abiding by the no win no fee system.

When a solicitor refuses to take up a certain case, it is not that he is misinterpreting the seriousness of your claim. On the contrary, it signifies that the clam lack something that makes its prone to the risks of failure. The no win no fee solicitors tend to become more conscious these days especially owing to the predominance of a compensation culture. The lawyers are often accused of making a wrong use of the compensation claims, which are essentially the instruments of justice. It is the right mix of honesty of the claimants and the whole- hearted support of the solicitors that leads to an appraisal of the system.

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