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A No Win No Pay Solicitor Can Help You Win a Medical Negligence Case Free of cost

October 30, 2012 by  Filed under News


"no win no fee solicitors"In the United Kingdom, a large number of clinical negligence cases arise from delayed diagnosis or wrong diagnosis of medical conditions. The consequences of a misdiagnosis can be dangerous. A wrong diagnosis can lead the doctor to prescribe wrong medicines and therapies worsening the condition of the patient. The results of delayed diagnosis are no less frightening. A delay in diagnosis can give rise to newer health problems other than the existing ones. A patient might die in the worst instances of late diagnosis. If you have been the victim of either of the case, you can seek suggestion from a no win no fee solicitor and file a medical negligence claim in the court of law.

Proving a clinical negligence is not so easy. The law of the United Kingdom does not blame the physicians for all diagnostic mistakes. If case of a clinical negligence, the victimized person needs to establish certain aspects in the court following a wrong or delayed diagnosis to gain maximum compensation.  The no win no fee solicitor acting on behalf of a claimant needs to show that the accused doctor was careless enough to diagnose his patient’s medical conditions in a wrong way.  The lawyer needs to prove that it is the negligence of the medical practitioner that worsened the condition of the concerned patient.

There can be a large number of reasons behind misdiagnosis. There are many physicians that fail to diagnose a medical condition because they made their diagnosis on the basis of incorrect laboratory test results. Faulty equipments can lead to inaccurate medical test results. The use of improper procedure can also be the reason behind improper test results. In these instances, the doctor cannot be blamed. The claimant can rather file a medical negligence claim against the technician who conducted the medical test.

As already stated, the cases of misdiagnosis are extremely difficult to prove. An ordinary claimant with no knowledge of the laws related to medical negligence cannot prove the fault of the doctor so easily in the court. Thus, it would be a fair decision to get the assistance of no win no fee solicitors and file clinical negligence case.

The prime benefit of availing the services of a no win no fee solicitor is that you will not have to make any upfront fees. The lawyer will receive his fees only after he wins the case. After winning the case, the solicitor will   receive his payment from the losing party. The experienced solicitors not only help their clients win the cases and receive maximum amount of compensation, but at the same time, successfully negotiate with the insurance companies. If the guilty party accepts its guilt and agrees to go for an out-of-the-court settlement, the solicitor negotiates with the guilty party and settles for a fair amount of compensation.

Many law firms in the United Kingdom have expert no win no fee solicitors working under them. You can approach a reputed law firm and choose a knowledgeable and expert solicitor for filing your compensation case.

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