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Ban on Referral Fees has Made the No Win No Fee Solicitors to Defend a Case More Vigorously

June 5, 2012 by  Filed under News


No Win No Fee SolicitorsIt is the high costs incurred for making a claim or taking the advice of the accident management firms, which have reduced the hapless victims to a deplorable condition. The compensation culture encouraged the growth of an industry where the financial resources of the claimants were made to go dry. The government in the UK proposed a ban on the referral fee which has made the no win no fee solicitors to act deftly to win the cases on various personal injuries with full vigor.

The claimants need to choose the right means of fighting for justice. If a claim is made to pass through the claims management companies, insurance agencies, solicitors, the whole chain of network involve the payment of referral fees. This, in turn, helps in furthering the prospect of a no win no fee claim getting the required visibility. The lawyers are often accused of taking advantage of the liberal quotient observed in compensation culture. The complete ban on the referral fees has made solicitors to be well-versed in their respective field of specialization.

It is the accumulation of the evidence and the fruitfulness of the briefing session with the clients which help the experienced no win no fee solicitors to add the right color in a case. The corrupt practices prevalent in the compensation culture has made the ‘no win no fee’ system favorable, only if a claimant is able to find a credible legal enterprise offering the immaculate legal services. The reputed law firms need to build on their brand image and reputation and they can do it by serving the needs of the clients in various cases like slip or trip, accident at the workplace and the like. The lawyers by studying the case in hand with due care present in the right way before the judges during the court proceedings. It is the apt dissection and analysis of a case which helps in shaping a case in a desired way. The probable outcome of a case on compensation claim is judged adequately by the solicitors who do not care much about the referral fees.

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