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Get in Touch with the Solicitors If You are Deprived of the State Pension

October 10, 2012 by  Filed under News


"no win no fee"The pension laws in the UK are rather complicated, thanks to the fact that there are various clauses and faction all operating under the same law. Pension laws refer to both those that cater to the ones with a low level of income as well as the occupational pensions. The low income pension has been present for a pretty long time, having been first implemented in 1908 by the Old Age Pensions Act. The occupational pension, on the other hand, had been implemented much later. However, it must be noticed that in both cases, age was a common factor although the pensions differed in essence. Needless to say, on account of the fact that the laws are pretty complicate and that there are too many causes and exceptions involved in both the acts, there are often major disputes regarding the eligibility of receiving the state pension as well as the amount that is to be received. No win no fee solicitors are, therefore, much in demand when it comes to such disputes apart from their sought after help for filing claims for accident at work. The choice here is pretty logical, considering that the pension amount is not very meagre, and if the case is won, even paying the lawyer’s fees will not leave the claimant with a very little amount.

The basic state pension, which was previously known as the retirement pension, was introduced in the mid-1900s. This particular pension clause falls under the three-part United Kingdom Government Pension Arrangement, the other two being the State Second Pension, also known as the State Earnings-Related Pension Scheme and the Graduated Retirement Benefit. While this is absolutely the duty of the state to calculate your retirement pension amount and let you know when the amount is due, there are often various kinds of disputes arising around the issue. These disputes usually arise from the fact that there are various age-related clauses within the pension law, as well as clauses referring to the current residence of the individual.

Disputes might also arise regarding the claim for pensions. Usually, it is the concerned department that calls the claimant and lets him or her know the amount he or she is supposed to receive, and explain the entire procedure. The claimant can discuss all the options with the officer and act accordingly; he or she is also given the choice of delaying the receipt of the pension. However, in certain cases, disputes arise when the concerned person does not receive a call from the state pension department despite the fact that he or she is eligible for receiving the benefit. In such a case, a non win no fee solicitor can be contacted to file a claim for the pension. It is advisable to take the help of a lawyer sine there are lots of variations and minute details that need to be kept in mind while filing the claim, and only an experienced solicitor in the field can properly draw up the claims. The biggest problem arises from the fact that these laws are quite customised and differ from type to type.

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