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Contingent Fee Solicitors Act as an Impetus to be Careful against Perpetrating Road Traffic Accidents

October 21, 2012 by  Filed under News


"no win no fee solicitors"Most people opt for the services of contingent fee solicitors in cases of filing an injury claim for road traffic accidents and the suchlike. There are several advantages of the no win no fee settlement, not the least of which is the economic factor. According to the contingent fee settlement, the claimant is exempted from paying the fees of the solicitors if the case is lost, that is, no compensation is extracted from the respondent. However, it must be remembered that this does not mean that the claimant need not pay anything at all; the no win no fee settlement only refers to the waiving of the lawyer’s fees, it does not exempt the claimant from paying for the other expenses that are incurred during the trial and are paid by the lawyer himself while the case is still on. However, even the waiving of the fees of the lawyer is no mean thing; the prices can be quite high, and the waiving of the same is the removal of a huge burden from the shoulders of the claimant. On the other hand, there are also various other factors that help in making the no-win-no-fee settlement extremely popular.

The no-win-no-fee settlement has also made the solicitors much more sincere about their job. A huge number of personal injury compensation cases filed in the United Kingdom every year fall under the road traffic accidents category, and, according to the law of the United Kingdom, most personal injury cases can be filed under the no-win-no-fee agreement. Since the personal injury solicitor who is working under this clause has a lot to lose if the compensation is not extracted, it naturally acts as an impetus on the part of the same to work on the case with extra attention.

Filing a case under the contingent fee settlement doesn’t only help people get compensation for the damages that have been inflicted upon them; it also teaches a lesson to the negligent people that are responsible for those damages. Therefore, employers are cautioned against ever being negligence about the maintenance of health and safety at work of their employees. This also helps people to be much more careful on the roads, and the doctors to be more attentive to their patients.

The impetus of the solicitors in cases filed under the no-win-no-fee system can also be attributed to the fact that the reputation of these lawyers also depend upon the outcome of these cases. Most of the solicitors are reputed and well established and losing a case not only hurts economically but also damages their goodwill considerably.

Managing to find a correct one among the no win no fee solicitors who would be willing to take up the case itself acts as a huge relief as well as confidence booster to the claimant. This is because solicitors are usually very choosy about which cases they pick up under the contingent fee settlement. The reason behind this is of course pretty understandable; there is a lot at stake in such cases, and the solicitors only pick up only the strongest of claims that are almost certain to be upheld in the court and under cross-questioning.

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