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Diffusing the General Befuddlement Circling No Win No Fee Solicitors

August 10, 2012 by  Filed under News


No win no fee counsels, since their advent have managed to maintain their popularity and infamy in a consistent fashion. While the media often heightens the potential of these professionals from the eye of a claim, defendants often broach them up in controversies and link them with scandalous events. The mixed reaction has given rise to a dilemma that the common men experiences in legal soups. It is high time that someone cleared their names from all the disrepute hurdled upon them on unscrupulous grounds. The line of questions that follow might speak your mind and the answers jotted underneath each, no win no fee solicitorsmight dissipate the chagrin of puzzlement that is growing in your subconscious.

Who Are These Self-Proclaimed Saviors?

Barristers working under the principle of no-win-no-fee payment policy are, in today’s world, referred to as the no win no fee solicitors. The reason why these professionals are created out of the paid professionals is the government’s initiative to scrap legal assistance to the injured victims. The traffic management department caused an uproar at the overreaching count of accident cases. Thus, the government executives schemed out a payment policy that will not overarch the victims with heavy digit amounts, and will not let insurance companies dupe them with inflated premium rates.

Herein comes the Conditional Fee agreement solicitors who volunteer to comply with the payment system so as to rescue the victimized individuals from their plight at the bare minimum expense. Offering a respite from the Legal Aid Board’s customary payment system where solicitors charge on the basis of the time they have been involved with the given cases. Sometimes, cases that have a snail’s progress, with the final trial taking place after three years, find the claimants getting bankrupt at the end, with a mocking sum liquefied as compensation in the end. Funny it is that how a battle for one’s own rights can lead to their disaster in a world where people are strongly played by their own interests. In relation to this situation, these savior solicitors make trial processes all bear and skittles for the claiming party, even in the twisted accident at work claim cases.

The solicitors make obvious choices in representing legal cases because they usually have high professional potency. While ordinary lawyers who mostly work for their fees, regardless of the end result of an endeavor, these professionals embark on a case only when they are certain about the compass of the case. Moreover, they work sextuple harder than the regular attorneys as they aim to make a case work for the victims so that they can earn their fruits of labor. Plying what has been expected out of them is more common with these lawyers than the rest.

The Truth Element in the Scandals

Quite some ignoble propaganda has come up in the accident at work claim domain regarding these solicitors. They are even tagged as ‘ambulance-chasers’ that has corrupted the notion about them considerably. However, this is just another fling of creation by the rumor mills that purport to scandalize the success rate of the lawyers. Mainly started by the entrepreneurs who are no win no fee solicitorsput to the paying end, the loss infuriates them, which subsequently leads to generation of untrue hearsay, typically woven to menace with the unputdownable success record of the lawyers. Wise people will shed them as mere trivia, that is nothing but collateral to the prerogative of staying in the limelight. Hence, the infamous bit is nothing but a sensational stirring, with the ulterior motif of banning them from practice so that malpractice of safety requirements in workplaces remains to rule. Often employers without scruple tend to tarnish the image of the no win no fee solicitors by claiming that they raise false claims aiming to extract compensation unduly from the entrepreneurs.

Most of it is untrue, as the lawyers are legal professionals who are not likely to practice violation religiously without getting caught red-handed. More so, such a momentary indiscretion can be a banana skin that they have to wear all their lives. Hence, it is not a very obvious thing any professional will do to earn fast money and get debunked for a lifetime. However, cases of exception should not be totally ruled out and caution should be adopted to evade such unwanted circumstances.

When Does a Certain Case Befit the No-Win-no-fee Principle?

Victimized parties are seldom sure that they have a case, probably because of no win no fee solicitorsthe vulnerable state of mind that ensues an accident. However, your no win no fee barrister can ascertain it for you. Any victim can avail the privilege, provided they are guided by a policy-complaint lawyer. All one needs is to have a case that has not blown out of proportion by you. Any accidental case where the opponent bears the responsibility can be entitled to a no-win-no-fee policy. The government allows every claim maker to avail the opportunity of saving potential expenses in case a case hits a dead end. Conversely, there are certain issues that are atypical of these solicitors.

Whether it is a work accident compensation claim or a traffic accident one, nothing which is challengingly outside the range of possibility are not undertaken by them. Staring at the most surefire ones, the lawyers move up to critical cases that have a wide scope and fair ground for the petitioners. Usually cases that have equal mistakes of both the parties have the chance of seeing a less happy ending for the claiming party. Hence, the lawyers are evasive to such cases where chances of losing overpower that of winning. To be very specific, the lawyers play it safe, so that securing the compensation as well as their fees is made to happen at the end of the day.

Currently, some of the most capable solicitors are switching to this policy so as to gather more clienteles. Hence, both simple and feasibly complex cases have high winning chances under them. The final word of advice that goes for all the readers is to entrust the job of legal representation to an efficient lawyer who has a high success record.

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