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How to Take Legal Action to Avoid More Slip and Trip Work Accidents?

November 29, 2012 by  Filed under News


"slip or trip accident at work"Legally, your employer is supposed to look after the safety and security of the worker. On being a failure to do so, he might have to give away a whole lot of pay outs to the employer’s. Mostly, all slip or trip accidents takes place as the result of poor house keeping. Well, it should not be neglected as an unavoidable factor of life because at some point of time it is bound to create trouble you, especially when it is not treated at right time.

You must have heard about getting paid if the victim is involved in a no-fault accident. If the scenario is same with you, then you might claim against the employer for being ignorant about the safety of the workers. However, one needs to be sure whether he is claimable or not. If it is, then penalizing the employer with a whole lot of payouts is one of the best ways to make him realize his faults. Though, you can put him behind the bars as well, but then on his parole he might not bother to remember what he had to go through. However, filing a claim will not only help the victim to receive plenty payouts to meet his ends, but at the same time the case will get registered under the accident management agencies in the UK. They might turn up to conduct a session with both the employer and employee and make them educate about preserving the safety standards at the work place. It is suggested to file the case as early as possible because according to the UK government, a person can only claim within the tenure of three years. Outlined below are the necessary things that are needed to initiate the legal action.

  • Medical report is on of the most essential documents needed to decide a whole lot of things. Firstly the deadline of the tenure is determined and secondly the amount of the claim for both the financial losses and the non- financial losses. Moreover, it is one of the great proofs to find out the actual cause of the slip and trip work accident.
  • Eye witnesses and their views about the case might help to increase the probability of winning satisfactory awards for the victims.
  • The photographs of the accident at work spot and the then injury of the victim can be used to authenticate the injury.
  • If the victim has hurt his head and enduring severe injury out of the slip or trip accident, then it is advised to show the wellness report on filing the case.

However, it is suggested to appoint a solicitor or claim online as soon as you come across a work accident. They can be one of the best guidance of the legal procedure. With the no win no pay services they have been offering no cost claims to the plaintiffs. On availing such facilities from them you might be able to avoid the excess financial expenses on appointing lawyers. For more information about the no win no fee solicitors, browse through their official website.

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