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HSE Prosecutes Wirral Roofer for Putting Lives At Risk

June 12, 2012 by  Filed under News


The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has prosecuted a roofer for putting his colleagues at risk of having an accident at work. Daniel Loftus, a roofer working under Roofcare Ltd, has been ordered to pay a hefty amounting to 2000 pounds and asked to pay 600 pounds as prosecution costs. The court accused this 32 year old roofer for breaching the health and safety laws by ignoring his duty to take care of his colleagues while at work.

Loftus was snapped on the roof of a terraced house Wallasey while one his colleagues held the burner to seal the roof. A passing Health and Safety Executivesinspector spotted the unsafe way of roofing and reported about the unsafe working system to the Health and Safety Executive. The case was filed in Wirral magistrates’ court in November 2011.

The inspector, who witnessed the incident, reported that Loftus allowed his subordinate to hold a gas-lit burner while sealing a roof that did not have any type of scaffolding. He was using a ladder to reach the rooftop and walked along the unprotected rooftop. He did not cordon off the crowded footpath just below the roof where they were working and, in the process, put the pedestrians at risk. By failing to adopt the safety measures at work, Danial Loftus violated Section 7(a) of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974. The no win no fee solicitors litigating against the Roofcare Ltd roofer pointed out that the accused roofer brushed aside the document from his employer that ordered him to use scaffolding for the job. Loftus apologized for being irresponsible and pleaded guilty to infracting the health and safety laws at work.

Chris Hatton, the Health and Safety Executive in charge of the case, stated that it is surprising that despite being told by his employer about the health and safety measures, Mr. Loftus did not listen to it. He had scaffolding at the back of his van; still he ignored to use it. He allowed his fellow worker to hold the gas-lit burner without any guards to prevent him falling while executing the job. The passersby on the sidewalk just below the roof were also put at risk. Chris Hatton further added that the case of Loftus should serve as a warning for all the roofers who do not care to use proper safety devices while working.

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