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Know the Specific Services of the No Win No Pay Lawyers that are Examined by the Court

September 26, 2012 by  Filed under News


Lawyers in the UK have regulated contingency fee contract with the plaintiffs so that financial burden of the accident victims could be lessened by them. Down the line the no win no fee solicitors have been working hard to provide 100% compensation to their clients. The no win no fee agreement have been popular among the personal injury victims as the UK government has prohibited the regulation of such an agreement in cases related to crimes and family matters. A plaintiff enters such an agreement on the basis that they will be provided free services by the solicitor until the case is won.  On winning the compensation the client is then entitled to pay 1/3rd part of the compensation to the solicitor as success fee and legal fee whereas they keep 2/3rd of the award to meet up the financial and non-financial losses endured by them in the accident. Moreover, on the other hand the clients will not be charged a single penny if the case is not won by the solicitors. Thus, if you have countered a road traffic accident or a work accident, a clinical negligence or slip and trip accident, due to the callousness of third party, then you may contact these no win no fee lawyer to win fair value of compensatory awards.

No win no fee agreement is accepted by endless plaintiffs and thus it is a public knowledge, the other lawyers and the court is well aware about such an agreement. If the court wants it can reduce the amount of the payment of the wining lawyer. In such a situation the client will not have to pay any success fee to the solicitor. The mount is reduced only when the lawyer fails to perform specific services that are examined by the court, such as,

  • Presentation of Valid Case: The legal service providers are expected to present valid cases at the court. Thus, they go through whole lot of verification before accepting claims.
  • Provide all the Case Related Information: The court expects that the lawyers will show case authenticate information about the case. They mention the type of accident and the injury of the victim. The medical bills and the report are also stuffed within the informative file along with the identity of both the plaintiff and the litigant.
  • Determine a Fair Value of Compensation: It is expected from a legal advisor to determine a fair deal of compensation by considering the parties such as, the plaintiff and the accused. Hence, they consider the yearly report if the plaintiff and speak to the insurer of the guilty to settle for fair deal of compensation.

The no win no fee solicitors might expect co-operation from the client’s end. Thus, it is suggested to provide the lawyers with truthful accident information in order to avoid misunderstandings and confusions. Hope, you won’t want your lawyer to suffer for your mistakes, thus, be up-front and speak up all about the damages and win satisfactory amount of compensation. Though, it is clear from the above mentioned domains that the lawyers work procedures are extreme ethical but also, it is better to be honest with them.

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