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Lucid Information on No Win No Fee Solicitors for Better Understanding of Laymen

July 25, 2012 by  Filed under News


It is hard to believe for many that professional legal practitioners are offering legal services for free and they often take the advertisements of no win no fee solicitors as exaggerated truths. The fact that these solicitors charge nothing before winning the cases on behalf of their clients is a much-discussed and much-thinned-out buzzword. Taking this route of misconception only, a good many fraudulent ‘no win no fee’ firms and individuals have emerged and many people are being entrapped into their tricks and blasphemous activities. The rightful no win no fee practitioners, on the other hand, are constantly trying to no win no fee solicitorshelp the accident victims in their pursuit of getting compensation for the injuries and damages.

How to tell apart a trustworthy solicitor?

It is not easy to find a solicitor who offers ‘no win no fee’ services for road traffic accident or workplace accident victims. Several solicitor agencies have sprung up of late and finding a trustworthy agency might seem searching a needle in the haystack for the laypersons. They want easy definitions of the trustworthy solicitors and here it is. A solicitor who is SRA regulated and has prior experience in handling cases similar to your one and promises transparent communication through an easily comprehensible Conditional Fee Agreement can be hired for representing yourself at the court. However, constant monitoring is imperative.

What are the services provided?

Not all the no win no fee solicitors offer legal services for all sorts of compensation claim cases. There are some solicitors who specialize in workplace accident compensation claim cases. On the other hand, there are RTA compensation claim experts who also work on no win no fee basis. Some solicitors also offer services for medical negligence victims and do not charge anything before the clients win respective cases. Therefore, it is quite important to choose a solicitor who has the relevant experience pertinent to your cases. Why this is important? This is because the solicitor has to derive references from cases that were awarded previously. Hence, he has to keep all records at his disposal.

Understanding the payables

It comes under a Conditional Fee Agreement that the plaintiff has to pay the solicitor if he wins the case and the compensatory benefits as well. However, one has to understand what the payables are after winning a case. Firstly, the solicitor’s basic fees has o be paid. Add to it the success fees which are to be paid to acknowledge the solicitor’s effort and expertise that became instrumental in winning the case. The other miscellaneous charges are collectively termed as ‘disbursements’. Disbursements include cost for making telephone calls and travelling costs as well. There are many no win no fee solicitors who produce itemized bills. You should look for solicitors who maintain transparency throughout and state all the payment terms and conditions in the CFA in an unambiguous manner.

Where to find the best solicitors?

A bit of networking coupled with researching on the web might help in finding the best accident at work solicitors in your area. Check the local business directories and you could find a swarm of solicitor agencies listed with contact details. However, if you prefer surfing the web for finding the solicitors who work on a no win no fee basis; check the testimonial section of the solicitor or no win no fee solicitorsclaims management agency first. The more satisfied clients sing praise of them, the higher the credibility of the agency is. Another great way to find best no win no fee solicitors in your area is to use the social networking sites and ask your acquaintances for their suggestions. You should synthesize their suggestions and your findings to embark on the best solicitor agencies.

Preparatory steps before choosing an agency

Though finding a solicitor may seem an intricate task, you have other things to do as well. You have to gather supportive documents and evidences in order to file a compensation claim. For example, if it was a slip or trip accident, you need to take photographs of the accident scene, seek medical care and keep all the reports and bills at your disposal, collect the names and contact particulars of the eyewitnesses and so on. Making the preparatory ground requires some phone calls, a little presence of mind and the basic knowledge of how the compensation claim cases proceed. It is always wise to consult professional no win no fee solicitors about the required evidences and documents and arrange things accordingly.

How the case proceeds?

As previously mentioned, the solicitor draws reference from previous cases where compensatory benefits were awarded to the claimants. However, the court inspects several factors for assessing the case’s merit. The loss of income and the emotional sufferings of the claimants are counted on by the jurists. On the other hand, past medical records are also thoroughly examined so as to determine that injuries are not old and have been caused only during the no win no fee solicitorsaccident which the claimant is referring to. There are several other concerning matters that are taken into account by the no win no fee solicitors.

Claims management agencies

The claims management agencies emerged to facilitate the accident victims who find it pretty difficult to find trustworthy solicitor agencies and manage things on their own. These agencies come instrumental in handling the paperwork on behalf of their clients and helping them in finding the best local solicitor. The claims management agencies also provide free guidance on phone and appoint the best solicitors only.

Claim online

If you are hesitant about hiring no win no fee solicitors, you can just use a claims management company website to put in whatever you know and thing pertaining to the case and wait for a reply. In case your case has enough merit, the solicitor would tell you the estimated compensatory benefits. If you find that amount sufficient for paying the legal fees and other disbursements afterwards, you can give it a go. However, it is imperative that you choose claims management agencies that are monitored by the Ministry of Justice.

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