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Medical Negligence Solicitors Provide all-round no win no fee support to Victims

August 14, 2012 by  Filed under News


It is a widespread perception that the no win no fee solicitors can only come instrumental if someone wants to file RTA claim or workplace accident compensation claim. It is mostly unknown a fact that these solicitors can also help medical negligence victims get compensation payouts. In other words, these solicitors specialize in the Tort Laws of the country and everything that comes under that umbrella term is dealt with by them. If you were doubtful whether you can claim for compensation for the negligence of any professional within the healthcare industry, you can clarify your doubts now. These medical negligence solicitorssolicitors provide comprehensive legal support for all sorts of negligence and breach of duty cases. What are the legal solutions offered by these legal experts? Here below is a brief rundown.

What is medical malpractice?

Whenever a physician or any other individual within the healthcare industry or any entity fails to meet the customary standards that results in patient injuries, a compensation claim can be filed against the concerned authority or individual. Physicians are defined as learned professionals in the English Tort Laws and the midwives and nurses are considered as trained individuals. These professionals are expected to perform their duties impeccably and help the patients recover from their illnesses. Unfortunately, not all the physicians are responsible likewise and their irresponsible acts result in patient sufferings. The medical negligence solicitors emerged taking this route only. A medical negligence compensation claim specialist’s job is to beget the statutory benefits that can be earned after establishing the liability or the negligence of the medical practitioner or any other associate.

What are the types of injuries that result from medical malpractice?

Birth Injuries

It has been observed in cases that the midwives and the nurses were not duly trained, were pretty negligent about their tasks and that caused injuries to the newborns and their mothers as well. The English Tort Laws observe these cases as typical cases of negligence and there’s no escape way for wrongdoers.

Brain injuries

The no win no fee solicitors who specialize in clinical negligence compensation claims cases have expressed during different interviews that a the brain injuries that result from the negligence of the neurosurgeons are a serious issue and these doctors should be duly treated. Brain is one of the most important parts of the body hence utmost care should be taken while performing operation. Unfortunately, that level of professionalism lacks in most cases.

Dental negligence

Dental negligence cases comprise of most of the medical negligence cases in the country. The medical negligence solicitors who offer legal services for the victims have experienced that most of the cases happen because of faulty equipments used by improperly trained practitioners. The procedure for filing compensation is no different from other sorts of clinical negligence cases.

Late diagnosis

This is a grave issue in the UK healthcare landscape. Not all the physicians are sufficiently knowledgeable about the early symptoms of different diseases. There are also many doctors who just ignore the trivial issues and that call forth unexpected consequences for the victims. Proficient no win no fee solicitors opine that had these cases been diagnosed, the number of claims mounting every day could be easily reduced.

Hospital infection

This happens mainly because of negligent staffs who are mostly not the physicians. These people are not properly trained on how to maintain hygiene within hospital premises and the untidy hospital premises, the improperly no win no fee solicitorscleaned apparatus and equipments, the doubly used injection syringes and kits call forth dreadful infectious diseases. Veteran medical negligence solicitors have also dealt with cases where diseases like AIDS spread through unclean hospital atmosphere.

Wrong diagnosis

Both private practitioners and the hospital doctors make common mistakes when detecting disease symptoms and analyzing the bigger threats behind them. Often the symptoms are misinterpreted and the patients are advised wrongly misdirected as well. This complicates the situation and in many cases, the patients die. The no win no fee solicitors deal with these cases with grave importance.

Surgical accidents

Often the surgeons leave operational equipments such as scissors within the patients’ bodies. The innocent patient cannot even guess that the tool is left in him. Afterwards, when things get complicated, the patient has already coexisted with the object for a couple of days. These cases strip down the widespread negligence in the healthcare industry which is often praised with flowery words. However, clinical negligence solicitors provide little space for the wrongdoers to escape and fortify the claims of their clients fetching instances of previously awarded cases.

Procedure for making a claim

The documentation part

Just like in other sorts of compensation claim cases, you need to accrue the relevant documents and evidences in support of your claim. You should collect all the medical reports that were conferred to you by the doctor or the hospital first. The bills and the prescriptions should all be gathered. While the prescriptions will demonstrate in which way the doctor directed you, or misdirected you, the bills will clearly show the costs that incurred upon you. Keep in mind that the reliable medical negligence solicitors always aim at 100% compensation for their clients which means you may get the compensation for all your injuries as well as the wronged bills.

Filing a claim

For filing a claim, you need to accrue your medical records for the past few years. These reports will clearly show that you are not trying to gain compensational benefits for any past injuries and illnesses. It is equally important to find the best solicitors.

Using the claims management companies

The claims management companies that are integral parts of the compensation claim industry appoint the best no win no fee solicitors for the medical negligence victims. However, it is always wise to choose a claims management company which is regulated by the Ministry of Justice. Generally speaking, these claims management firms maintain transparency in their modus operandi and provide all-round solutions. For example, a claims management agency might help you find another physician to diagnose the injuries and diseases that have incurred because of the negligence of the medical practitioners.

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