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Move Ahead with Life from Accidents Caused by Slip, Trip and Fall

October 28, 2012 by  Filed under News


It is often said that accidents may occur anywhere even at places where you feel completely safe. Places like homes, offices or shopping complexes are comparatively safer than open roads or factories. Naturally the chance of sustaining personal injuries is relatively less. Interestingly, statistics is giving quite a different picture than the assumption. According to the HSE estimation, every year several thousand men and women suffer from the consequences of Slip, Trip and Fall accidents. Despite the fact that in most cases injuries sustained in such accidents aren’t serious, in some occasions they impose great threats. Consequently, the number of personal injury claim cases is also increasing under the segment of slip or trip. If you have reasons to believe that poor maintenance of floor, pavements, road surfaces and staircases is the main reason that you are forced to deal with the situation, consult a solicitor about the ways to address the issue in a court.

The types of Injuries in a Slip or Trip Accident:

Accidents caused due to slip, trip and fall generally lead to minor complications but sometimes they are extremely painful, serious and may lead to permanent disability. Here follows some important information on the types of injuries suffered due to such an accident:

  • Bruises and minor fractures
  • Back injury and it may turn dangerous the victim is hurt on the spinal cord
  • Facial and head injuries, including fracture
  • Relocation of discs
  • Neck injury and relation of bone in the region
  • Strain and twist of the ligaments or tendons
  • Brain injury, including hemorrhage

If it can be proven before a court of law that reluctance of the concerned authority in maintaining the floor, pavement or road surface condition properly caused the damage you are suffering from, it may instruct the responsible party to compensate you. Reputable legal firms are there in the UK who help you in such situations and that also on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. It means that if you don’t win the case the law firm of solicitor, who would present the case before the case, won’t charge you anything. So, take advice from the no win no fee solicitors and find out the chances you have to win the case.

Which are the Most Accident Prone Areas?

The incidents of slip, trip and fall accidents are most common in the following places:

  • In the supermarket
  • Workplaces
  • Wet floor at shops, shopping complexes, offices
  • Wet landings of the shops or offices
  • Uneven pavement and poorly maintained roads
  • Places with lack of visibility

If the evidences you provide are strong enough to show that the authority wasn’t careful enough to warn about the possible danger, chances are high that you will win the slip or trip case and will be compensated accordingly. However, the burden of proving the negligence factor rests upon you. Kindly remember that you should approach with a case under ‘no win no fee’ scheme only when you are surely about accuracy of your arguments. Failure to do so may put you in a situation of repaying the legal cost to the defending party.

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