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No Win No Fee Solicitors Are Instrumental in Obtaining Compensation for Man-Made Catastrophes

August 25, 2012 by  Filed under News


no win no fee solicitorsThat Britain is a welfare state since the Victorian era prepares the backdrop of the prevailing compensation culture in the country. Name it good or bad, the existence of the Tort Laws of the country have been safeguarding the interests of the accident victims since the first date of implementation. A new breed of lawyers known as no win no fee solicitors emerged, received both acclamations and dislikes from some parts of the society, the Torts are on way to get reformed, if not refined and the authorized and genuine solicitors are still playing their roles as they were idealized during and after the abolishment of the legal aid in 1995.

Who are these ‘no win no fee’ people?

It’s not that the no win no fee solicitors are different from other solicitors in terms of their customary activities. They are learned professionals who are specialized in representing plaintiffs in the courts and arguing on behalf of them with the solicitors of the defendants. However, their modus operandi largely differs from that of the other types of lawyers. These solicitors do not ask for their fees and the ‘Success Fees’ from their clients before winning the cases they handle. They work on ‘pro bono’ basis, if we excavate the implication of the phrase ‘no win no fee’ that are used before their names.

What are their services?

No win no fee solicitors deal with all sorts of personal injury cases. To be more precise, they provide legal solutions for the victims of man-made catastrophes. There are solicitors who specialize in different branches of personal injury compensation claim. For example, you will find solicitors who only specialize in medical negligence compensation claim cases. They are termed as medical negligence solicitors. On the other hand, some solicitors only deal with work accident compensation claim cases. There are some RTA solicitors who provide legal solutions for road accident compensation claimants. In a nutshell, all sorts of personal injury cases are dealt with by them.

The limitations

However, these personal injury solicitors are not eligible for dealing with family violence or criminal injury cases. Domestic violence cases (for instance, marital rape cases) should be filed under Protection from Harassment Act 1997, Family Law Act 1996 and pertinent acts. Though some no win no fee solicitors are now offering legal solutions for these cases, the practice is still not widespread. On the other hand, if you have been assaulted, robbed or injured by some criminals, you can file a compensation claim through Criminal no win no fee solicitorsInjuries Compensation Authority.

Emergence of ‘no win no fee’ practitioners

Back in 1995, legal aid was abolished and the new group of solicitors came in rescue of the victims of man-made accidents. They started providing free legal consultation for the victims of accidents. The Torts got reformed and a new compensation culture became prevalent in the UK. These solicitors became popular within a very short period and that created a number of counterfeit organizations who started reaping benefits from the increasing popularity often no win no fee lawyers.

Entering an agreement

No win no fee solicitors sign their clients a certain type of agreement known as no win no fee agreements or Conditional Fee Agreements. A CFA contains specific clauses defining and clarifying the payables in case the claimant wins the case and the other way around. Before signing a CFA, you should carefully go through the clauses of the same and understand the payables first. This is because you are going to enter an agreement where you may have to pay even if you lose. Of course, you need not to pay the solicitor his fees. But you possibly will have to pay the disbursements and the legal fees of the other party.

Understanding the CFA

Let’s get it straight. You need to pay the basic fees, the success fees and the disbursements of the solicitor you appoint if you win. In case you lose, you may have to pay the basic fees, the success fees of the other party and the disbursals that your solicitor had to bear during the proceedings. In any case, your insurance agency will pay all the fees and you have to pay the premiums only. In case you don’t have any insurance coverage, the accident at work or road traffic accident compensation claim solicitor firm may arrange CFA for you.

Advantages of hiring a claims management company

To make a long story short, you will get all sorts of compensation claim related legal solutions under one roof. A claims management company can appoint the best solicitor for your case; show you their credentials and testimonials so that you can assess the capabilities of the solicitor. The best no win no fee claims management companies are registered with the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) authorized claims management firms as because they can only concentrate in the case they handle and the different dedicated departments can handle other related issues such as arranging for a medical treatment for you. There are claims management agencies that offer free legal advices for the claimants as well.

The ambulance chasers

However, beware of the ambulance chasers that are well spread across the country. These fake low quality injury claim companies run after hard cash and chase the accident victims just to convince them to file claims. There are phony claims management companies as well that call the accident victims, mails them repeatedly and annoy them in hundred other ways which they name as ‘marketing activities’ though such kind of activities is strictly prohibited for them. However, you will get frequent calls and your mail’s spam box may get flooded with embroidered emails that promise you will get full compensation whether or not somebody else’s negligence is proved.

So the best way is to do a panoptic research and find the best solicitor in your area. You can approach a claims management company (one that is authorized by the MOJ) or can use the web for finding the best no win no fee solicitors in your area with the highest ratings or good testimonials.

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