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September 16, 2012 by  Filed under News


No win no fee lawyers have always been under lime light in the UK. Whether it is for criticism or applauds they have been much talked about subject of every town.  The no win no fee solicitors believe that the name and fame they could achieve is mostly because of the support and co-operation of the plaintiffs during the legal procedure. Thus, they always stay connected with their clients throughout the claiming procedure and support them emotionally as well.  If you want to avail their plaintiff-friendly services then, all you have to do is visit their website homepage and click on to the online claim option to register your case. Give your personal details so that on accepting the case, they might give you call and discuss the case.

Whiplash claims being complex, need continuous assistance of the no win no fee lawyers. The victims being ignorant about the legal procedure might commit mistake in the long run that may complicate the case. Thus, to guide the plaintiffs about the do’s and don’ts of the claim, the no win no fee advisers are offering their professional guidance in every single step.  With no win no fee agreement the lawyers could provide relief to the claimants from extra burden of hiring a solicitor for their case. According to such an agreement, the plaintiffs will be served at free of cost unless the win is assured by them. On loosing, the client will not have to pay a single penny to the solicitors. Thus, you see all the moves that the no win no fee lawyers are on the favor of the plaintiffs and with a motif of assuring them with justice. Whether it is providing free services to the whiplash injury claim clients or keeping them up-to-dated with the proceedings of the case, the agreement that is made between the plaintiffs and the lawyers are followed till the end. Thus, if you have any whiplash injury at the negligence of the third party you may contact these lawyers for making whiplash claim.

But then, before asking help from the federal advisers there are some criteria that are to be fulfilled. Scan through the following to know the rules and regulations of the advisers,

  • The solicitors have to be sure about winning the case.
  • The accident has occurred within the tenure of 24 months from the claiming date.
  • The liability must be proved on behalf of the litigant
  • Medical report must be provided by the client depending upon which the solicitor would decide the authenticity of the whiplash injury.
  • Make sure that the third party is having insurer, depending upon which the solicitors would be assured of fact of winning the case.

In order to be sure about all the above mentioned criteria what you can do is, maintain an informative file and stuff it with all the accident related information, so that in the need of hour you can provide these to the no win no fee solicitors and prove the authenticity of the case.

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