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Conditional Fee Agreement Solicitors are Implemental in Winning Car Accident Claims

September 19, 2012 by  Filed under News


"no win no fee"No win no fee solicitors provide legal assistance for various types of personal injury claims. If you have been injured in a road accident recently, these solicitors can help you file and win a compensation claim case. The ‘no win no fee’ terms and conditions for which these solicitors are mostly known for can help you recover from the financial losses apart from getting compensation for the physical injuries and mental agony that you have received. However, it is important to appoint a solicitor and file a case within three years from the date of the road traffic accident and you should not make delay in this regard if you firmly believe that the accident you faced was a sheer upshot of another person’s negligence.

The car accident claims experts who work on a no win no fee basis become implemental for filing and winning these cases in myriad of ways. Firstly, they always prioritize the convenience of the claimants and reach anywhere their clients requests them to meet them. For instance, if you are so badly wounded that you have become completely bedridden, you can request a solicitor to meet you at your bedside and he will act accordingly. On the other hand, if you are now in a rather stable condition and can travel to and fro his office, you can step in the solicitor office and opt for a face-to-face discussion.

However, the easiest way to consult the legal aspects of a car accident is to use the website of the no win no fee solicitors. There are solicitor websites that can help you calculate the estimated compensation payout by visiting the solicitor website. A free legal consultation over the phone might also help. The solicitor is likely to ask you who were the people present at the accident scene, whether you underwent medical treatment, if yes, what the outcome was and several other questions. You need to answer these questions properly.

As you might assume, filing car accident claims requires assembling lot of documents. In fact, an expert solicitor can easily assess whether your claim has enough merit or not while discussing the case with you. For example, he will try to find whether you delayed in taking medical treatment which might be considered as a contributory negligence. He may also ask you about your previous medical records to determine that you are not resurrecting any old injury issue and trying to get undue benefits for that. Therefore, it is always wise to prepare all the documents (e.g. collecting the contact details of the eyewitnesses etc) and consult your case with a solicitor.

There are quite a few solicitor websites where you can find relevant information about filing a claim. However, it is important to check whether the no win no fee solicitors are duly authorized by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. SRA authorized solicitors are more trustworthy and efficient than the novices who are just practicing law as a part of their studies. Moreover, these solicitors adhere to the standard practices.

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