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No Win No Fee Solicitors Enduring Reforms and Criticisms

June 16, 2012 by  Filed under News


With a rapid escalation in the number of work accidental cases, claims coming to the court has also rose to a concerning scale. The bad part of this sudden hyperactivity is that many unscrupulous claimers are turning up to win undue rewards, thus hampering the company funds. A revision of the ailing employees’ compensation law has been made according to which, the workers will suffer cutbacks on their benefits. No win no fee solicitors who have posed a major threat to the companies and their malpractices are, no win no fee solicitorshowever, not going to be an extinct race after the changes. Even though the companies are all buckled up to be optimally miserly in their cash pay-outs, they decided to make it up in other ways to deprive the workers.

However, this negotiation is going to be quite critical for the victimized individuals to handle. Thus, it seems from the happenings that the lawyers are even more necessitated in legal cases such as compensation claiming, from now onwards. These lawyers that had always been a matter of great fear for the companies because of their high success rate are even going to be even more dreaded after the law reform. The no win no fee solicitors have in the past, claimed huge compensatory pay-outs from the company insurers and from the concerns directly with their remarkable arguing skills.

This breed of lawyers first came into being after the great crisis that started to show up in the legal domain, among the plaintiffs. As accidents and assaults started to get frequented, people started to seek legal services more often than not. This gave the lawyers a pretext to hike up their charges staggeringly so that they can earn huge through their occupation. The high-profile lawyers are most benefited in this rise-up, as they started claiming fees on the basis of hours devoted to a particular case. Thus, their extortionate fees became a matter of affordability only for a section of people belonging to the elite or affluent class.
The only affordable legal service that remained in hand as those offered by novice and amateur advocates who were practicing while being under training. Not only are they too unpracticed, but even their knowledge bank is half complete, both of which are potential enough to lose a case. Thus, from the ashes of the low-charging lawyers, rose these professionals. The principle was initiated by the UK government, who realized that the commoners are beginning to suffer by the unacceptable fees of the solicitors.

What the UK government named as the Conditional Fee Agreement, came to be popular in US later as the Contingency Fee Agreement. A year later after the method was put to effect, these lawyers were creating waves in the market, with a lot of injured folks reclaiming their lost expenses through them at a short legal expense. All kinds of cases including, accident at work, road accident and cycle accident claims are handled by these professionals. Recently, after the law reformation, the demand for these lawyers has surged higher, with the constricting company clauses fueled up their popularity and need.

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