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No Win No Fee Solicitors: How Are They Better Than the Rest?

September 12, 2012 by  Filed under News


no win no fee solicitorsNo win no fee is a payment agreement that has accrued more popularity than Oprah Winfrey’s show, if the time period is taken into consideration. Keeping jokes aside, it is only in the legal domain that the policy has been rightly implemented and availed. No win no fee solicitors are deemed to be the most successful breed of lawyers the nation has ever seen. Emerged as savior figures to financially destroyed victims, the legal experts have come to limelight within a very short while since their emergence.

However, the common mass is still not fully clarified or certain as to what is so beneficial about these lawyers that they should be chosen over the others.  An analysis of their payment policy has been attempted in this article in order to help the readers understand how they differ from the rest of the legal professionals and how claimants can benefit from their flexible pay methods.

The Policy Called No-Win-No-Fee

The focal point of all praises and scandals, it is the very policy on which these solicitors operate that differs them from the rest. It is indeed a noble stance adopted by these lawyers to step away from the normal hourly fee structure (needless to mention that it is far more lucrative and secure) to the flexible no-win-no-fee policy (which is entirely performance-based). However, the confusion arises when the policy is used to advertise these lawyers in conjunction with a “terms and conditions” tag. Car accident claims, medical negligence cases, work accident compensation can all be sought through no-win-no-fee claims.

With its base built on the Conditional Fee Agreement, the policy abides the clientele and the professional into a tentative business tie-up during which services are to be acquire in exchange of no payment. At the end of the tenure, if the lawyer succeeds in recovering the compensation from the opponent, then they get the right to claim their service charge. As for the terms and condition, they will forever be a part of the agreement, and as a safe play and an extension of the company clauses that the no win no fee solicitors are subjected to.

Success Fee

Always the heart of controversy, the additional fees that include the payment of a no-on-no-fee lawyer is always counted as a kind of trickery. But, it is not so and is only included in the policy as a reward for the labor plugged into the process.

Other Costs

There are no sides cost per se that are added over the cut-off fee and success charge. Thus, no-in-no-fee lawyers are much easily affordable to the middle-class people who often complain that the legal cost is gradually escaping out of their limits of reach. This is the reason why these lawyers are regarded more prospective than the rest. However, if other reasons are to be cited, then it is the surety of winning a case that these lawyers promise. They take up a case only if they think they have confident control over the outcome which makes it a secured investment.

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