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No Win No Fee Solicitors: Reviewing the Pros of Their Services from a Claimant’s Perspective

August 23, 2012 by  Filed under News


no win no fee solicitorsNo win no fee solicitors deal with all sorts of personal injury cases except that result from domestic violence or criminal assault or attack. Conditional Fee Agreements that are also popularly termed as ‘no win no fee agreements’ encompass a wide array of personal injury cases including road traffic accident cases or workplace accident cases. What are the benefits of hiring a no win no fee lawyer? Where are these solicitors different from other legal practitioners? Here is an attempt to find out the advantages of hiring them.

Outcomes determine costs

Whenever you are entering a no win no fee agreement, you are agreeing to pay in case you win, otherwise not. This implies that you have an opportunity to calculate the legal cost on the basis of the court verdict. Unless you agree in written to pay the legal costs, court fees and disbursements upfront, you are agreeing to pay the costs once the case is over and won. If you opt for After the Even Insurance, you can also avoid paying the legal costs of the winning party in case you lose the case. However, it is imperative that you read the terms and conditions of the Conditional Fee Agreement before you acknowledge the same.

Maximizes the chance of out-of-court settlement

Once the defendant or the other party knows that you are hiring no win no fee solicitors to represent you in the court, they will guesstimate that the additional costs won’t be a big issue (given the fact that you have opted for an After the Event Insurance plan). This will make them mitigate the dispute outside the court which may save you from paying the court fees and the disbursements. All you have to evaluate is whether the out-of-court settlement amount is justified and can cover all the losses and damages that resulted from the accident.

Losing party pays the success fees

In case you win the case, the other party will pay the success fees of the solicitor. To be more precise, the insurer of the party will pay the success fees of the solicitor. Therefore, your finances are saved and secured. You just need to file a lawsuit against the wrongdoer. A good claims management company can ensure that all the costs are covered up and you need not to pay the success fees. However, you have to pay the basic fees of the solicitor which can be easily paid with a trivial percentage of the compensation amount you receive.

Solicitors work dedicatedly

And this is not a bloody sales talk. There are definite reasons behind their hyperactive nature. The no win no fee solicitors work proactively and dedicatedly as because there are certain incentives and other monetary interests that drive them. Think about the success fees that are only claimable in case the solicitor wins the case. There are claims management companies that announce perks and incentives for the experts enrolled with them.

Here comes the final point, these solicitors are not hard to find as because there are several claims management firms that can be treated as reservoirs of these solicitors. Just dive in the world of web and you could find a good number of these agencies offering comprehensive legal services.

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