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No Win No Pay System as a Significant Development in the Field of Law and Judiciary

September 25, 2012 by  Filed under News


Situations and circumstances around us keep changing with passing times and while some of these changes are for better, others are unwelcome. Attributable to the growth in technology or the increasing demand for more money and comfort among people, life has become very fast and complex compared to what it had been even a few years back. One of the many negative effects of this fast-paced life is that it has led to an increasing number of accidents taking place on a regular basis. The most unfortunate part of all this is that most of these incidents transpire entirely because of the fact that people, today, are being careless at the cost of others lives. Instances of rash driving have brought about some of the most terrible accidents in the history of mankind. On the other hand, employers, who are supposed to look after the well-being of their employees, fail to abide by their duties. Even the doctors, the most trusted professionals on earth, afford to be negligent, paving the way for a loss of life. What do you do when faced with a crisis due to others negligence? Claiming compensation, which strictly calls for the legal way, is what needs to be done and the good news is that the no win no fee system has made this quite easy and accessible by all.

It is difficult to even imagine the kind of situation an accident victim is compelled to go through by anyone who has been rather fortunate to have stayed away from such mishaps. The physical pain resulting from the injuries is coupled with the painful feeling of being denied justice. The financial pressure arising from all quarters is perhaps needless to mention. Compensation claims are designed to provide the only source of relief to individuals, encountering the most difficult phase of their lives. The contingent fee system is what makes the practice of filing compensation claims such a popular one. The system guarantees that the innocent victims, the claimants are not required to shell out a single penny in undertaking the process of filing claims although they are being constantly assisted and served by the solicitors. The loss of a claim, which can happen quite a few times, ask for the lawyers to stay without a fee. On other hand, the sincerity of their efforts put in ensuring the success of the claim is appreciated and they are paid their dues by the opponent against whom the claim has been filed. The victim always gets 100% of the total compensation. There are several claims management companies operating online that facilitate the system and allow their clients get cost- free legal services. These companies can deal with any sort of claims, be it an accident at work claim or clinical negligence claim.

The idea behind the no win no fee system is to significantly help the millions of accident victims, who have suffered in silence because of an absence of the ways in which they could have sought justice. Thanks to the ground breaking developments in the field of law and judiciary that has helped it serve people in the true sense of the term.

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