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Possible Industrial Injury disease claims, If workers have caught any chemical related diseases

February 8, 2012 by  Filed under News


Industrial Injury at work

There was over 20 dock employees that have been sent to hospital because of the chemical spill at Seaforth Docks. The workers had inhaled fumes from the spill.
A tank was being unloaded from a ship then flammable chemicals leaked from a tank.
The spillage was on the quayside, so a team of specialists in this department hurried over to remove the tank to a safe isolated area then they stopped the leak.
We are unsure of the liquid that leaked and it is being investigated it is a industrial injury disease.

At about 2.22pm there was three ambulances who went to the Docks container base as they were told some workers were feeling sick and were actually vomiting after they spillage were they must of inhaled the chemical fumes. If the workers was to contact a no win no fee solicitor they could make a accident at work claim for industrial injury disease compensation.

Some workers were told to go home and were asked to put all their clothing into bags. The port authority started there investigations and inquiries to see what was the cause of the chemical spillage.

All workers were checked and cleaned up at the scene, then there was 21 employees that were taken to Fazakerley hospital. Twenty of them arrived by ambulance while one person made his own way there. When arriving at the hospital in the Accident and Emergency unit there was a group of doctors and nurses waiting for them to check them over.
There was a patient at the hospital who saw the first group of workers to arrive and he said it was like My Favourite Martian, he said two ambulances arrived and a few men got out in all orange suits. The men looked between the ages of about 30 and 50, the men looked really fed up and some of them looked ill. They were checked at the hospital as soon as they arrived there.
The hospital were waiting there ready for their arrival and had more doctors and nurses and other members of staff ready on hand to treat the patients. They had additional staff and had a major incident plan because of the potential serious nature of the incident.

There is now an investigation going on to see what was the actual cause for the chemical spillage, all workers who were effected by the fumes on Seaforth Docks have been taken to hospital as a precautionary measure.

They are cleaning up the area to make sure it is safe for the workers.

There will be initial inquiries being made from the Health and Safety department.

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