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Recycling Company Pays off Big Fine to Indemnify Employee’s Lost Arm

June 11, 2012 by  Filed under News


Indemnify Employee’s Lost ArmPoor health and safety standards have been a known fact among the employees of UK who often suffer mild bruises and injuries at work. However, the fallen safety standards have started to take a heavy toll upon the employees, if the recent news from Dartford is taken into consideration. Lately, a waste management company that is quite a known name in the area of Dartford has been fined big time, for an accident that took place at work. The accident was, of course, a horrible one to gain the attention of the media. An employee who was working inside the quarry had his hand ripped off from his body in the accident. No win no fee solicitors were brought to legal action to liquidate the compensation.

Reportedly, the man was working unguarded at a conveyer system when the accident took place. During the time of the accident, another employee was attending to a blockage in a nearby quarry in similar vulnerable circumstances. The case was heard at the Dartford Magistrates where further facts of the case were unraveled and brought before the eyes of the juror by the gifted lawyers who were in charge of the case.

He pointed out that the conveyor belt that was commonly used for the transfer of garbage from the dump to the sorting shed was malfunctioning, vibrating and juddering. A third-party company that owned the quarry was finally held responsible for the accident. They were in charge of bringing the machine to a stop before the debris were removed. Resultantly, the left arm of the employee got trapped and as the power was still running into the machine, it ripped his arm off with great force. After the victim was sent to the nearby hospital, the health and safety executive of the company sat to probe into the matter.

What came up was obvious as it was entirely the responsible to the employer. Not much had to be done other than enlightening the member of jury with the facts of the case. After the no win no fee solicitors has accomplished the job of thorough representation, the verdict was released in favor of the employee who was fighting with his life because of the lack of responsibility of the people in charge. Allowance will be given out to him until, or if he gets to work after full recovery. Full medical expenses will be borne by the company, while a huge penalty is on the roll to be given as solidarity for the mishap.

Unlike whiplash claim cases, this kind of accidents falls under catastrophic categories, which call for larger compensation.

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