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The Different Kinds of Conditional Fee Claims

September 17, 2012 by  Filed under News


"no win no fee solicitors"The conditional fee arrangement is not a very old one in the United Kingdom. Introduced during the tenure of then Prime Minister Geoff Hoon, this arrangement was meant for those road traffic accident and other mishap victims who were nether so rich that they could afford astronomical sums as payment to the most expensive lawyers in the country, nor so poor that they had to be given legal aid when it came to daily existence. In a nutshell, the conditional or contingent fee arrangement were meant for the middle classes, those that could afford to pay their own bills to settle their court cases, but could not afford to file a suit that threatened to become too expensive. Since then, a lot of water has passed under the bridge, and this particular arrangement has come to encompass almost every kind of civil case. The no win no fee claims today mean that one can now mete out justice to the wrongdoers without having to cough up too much; what is even better is that these claims now come with the provision of a 100% compensation arrangement, meaning that the respondent also has to pay for the suit filed against them!

Most law firms today offer no win no fee services, and along with the 100% compensation clause too. However, if that is not the case, then it is best that you refrain from engaging the services of that particular law firm. Since you might have to dish out more than you bargained for, and the compensation will be almost entirely gone in the payment for their services itself. Of course, you are at complete liberty to engage their services even without the 100% compensation clause if you feel that winning the case is of prior importance to you, and can afford to let go of most of the compensation amount. However, it is advisable to go through the fine print before you take on any such legal case.

No win no fee claims can be made in various cases. In general, all kinds of personal injury claims can be filed under this category, which means that one can file for compensation for anything from work accidents to road accidents in order to be eligible for the no win no fee services. This means that the following cases can be filed against the respondent and make avail of this contingent fee service:

  • Work Accident: This encompasses any kind of injury sustained during one’s working hours and in the site of work. Compensation for such cases are drawn after taking into account a lot of points, such as the amount of money spent on the treatment, depending on the injury, the number of days spent away from work resulting in loss of payment as well as the loss of faith in the safety measures incorporated by the employer.
  • Road Accident: This refers to any kind of accident one is involved in, involuntarily, on the road, and due to someone else’s negligence. This encompasses everything from a pedestrian being hit by a moving vehicle to the collision between two vehicles.
  • Medical Negligence: This refers to cases when the claimant has been subjected to the irresponsible actions of a healthcare professional, resulting in the worsening of his or her physical condition.

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