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Things to be noted before Hiring Solicitors to Settle Accident at Work Claims

October 17, 2012 by  Filed under News


The process of filing compensation claim following an accident at work is not easy. The claimant needs to secure the services of a professional solicitor to turn the compensation claim filing procedure easier. An expert solicitor who has ample experience in dealing with work accident claims can offer the best advice to a work accident victim and guide him in the right way to get his claims.  Getting the services of the no win no fee solicitors can be the ideal solution if you do not want to invest a lot of money for gaining the compensation claims.

But, what does no win no fee means? How does the no win no fee system function? It is basically a conditional fee agreement between the claimant and his solicitor. According to this contract, the solicitor acting on behalf of his client will not be entitled to get any payment till the claim is successful. If the case is lost, the no win no fee solicitor will not receive any payment from his client. He will only receive the money that he has expended on his client’s behalf. To cite an example, he can receive the court fees if he has paid it on behalf of his client.

It is important to ensure that an accident work victim has the right no win no fee solicitor by his side throughout the court all throughout the claiming process, from the filing procedure through the court hearings till the settlement of the case. Having an expert lawyer by your side will help you to gain courage and file a work accident claim following your accident at work and stand up against the injustice done to you. An experience no win no fee lawyer will not only help you take actions against the negligent party and acquire compensation, but will also assist you make the guilty party get a lesson for lifetime.

It is important to make thorough research before choosing a no win no fee lawyer as your service provider. Work accident claims are not easy to file. You need to go through a systematic procedure to file a successful claim. Thus, if you seek the assistance of a solicitor who is not patient enough to listen to your case attentively will in all probability end up in a bad settlement or loss, in worst instances.  Thus, it is important to hire the services of a legal professional who will patiently listen to your problems, try to review the case through and prepare a plan to move forward with your case systematically. He should be person who would not only be your guide and guardian but will be your friend while dealing with the case.

Many people believe that bring assisted by a good solicitor would ensure the success of an accident at work case and any other sort of accident cases. The conception is right. But, how can you judge that is law professional is a good solicitor. You need to check if a solicitor is well-known in his area of expertise. If so, what is his success rate in dealing with the work accident claims? Assessing the success rate of the chosen solicitor would tell him how expert he is dealing with accident at work claims.

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