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Upsurge in Whiplash Claims Cases; Reputable No Win No Fee Solicitors Taking a Different Stance

May 31, 2012 by  Filed under News


No Win No Fee SolicitorsScousers claim compensation for whiplash injuries more than people from other parts of the country. Uxbridge and Oldham closely follows the city of Liverpool when it comes to claiming compensation for these neck injuries. It has been also revealed that many of these Liverpool accident victims file compensation claims through no win no fee solicitors. It is an alarming fact that whiplash injuries are increasing in number throughout the UK year-on-year. But the most disturbing fact is that there are counterfeit firms that are trying to trying to reap undue advantages by persuading innocent victims to file claims baselessly. A number of trustworthy firms are taking a different stance.

Whiplash is a common injury that results from road accidents and office accidents as well. This typically happens when a car collision or other sort of fender-bender moves the head backwards against the motion. Even minor car accidents and motorcycle and bicycle accidents can beget whiplash injuries. As per recent reports, women suffer more than men from whiplash injuries. This is because their neck muscles and tissues are comparatively weaker. However, these injuries usually happen due to rear end shunts.

Transport Secretary Justine Greening denounced the UK as the ‘Whiplash Capital of Europe’ back in February this year. He also added that people who sustain the injuries mostly claim for compensation. In line with his statement, Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke has also clearly indicated that the whiplash injury claimants would be checked thoroughly by specially trained and government appointed physicians to assess the severity of their injuries so as to justify the merit of the compensation claims filed by them.

Reputable No win no fee solicitors of the country have always advised their clients to undergo proper medical treatment in order to ensure that they get compensatory benefits in accord to their physical injuries and other losses and damages. With Liverpool topping the list of number of Whiplash injury claims by city, these solicitors are proactively warning their clients and the general public not to file claims until and unless they are quite sure about the negligence of other involved persons or authorities.

In 2011, there were 543,000 whiplash injury claims cases recorded in the UK whereas the figure was 482,000 back in 2008. Though mostly the no-win-no-fee solicitors are being blamed for this upsurge, there are many solicitors in the country who are way against inducing their clients to file claims for whiplash injuries without any reason.

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