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The Very Basics of Pro Bono Explained in Plain English

October 3, 2012 by  Filed under News


"no win no fee solicitors"If you have been injured in last three years due to the negligence of someone else, then you are eligible to ask claims from the guilty. The innumerable solicitors in the UK can help you to get compensated through no win no fee claims. They understand the crisis the accident victims have to go through after meeting an accident. On enduring financial and non-financial damages the accident victims remain wrecked completely. Thus, in such a situation a lucrative agreement can lessen would have been financial burden from the shoulders of the plaintiffs. Many of you might feel shame in opting for such a claim especially for slip and trip accidents, but then when you consider that an injury endured in tripping accidents can have long lasting effect then you might not feel negative in opting for such a claim.

Understanding about No Win No Fee Claim

On opting for such a claim the clients will be entitled to pay the fees to the accident at work compensation claim solicitors only if a favorable result has come out. If the lawyers fail to win the claim then the clients will not charge a single penny by them. It is also known as contingent fee that is calculated on the basis of the plaintiff’s net recovery. This type of claim enables the poor to seek their part of justice from the court by punishing the litigant. As signing this type of agreements involves lots of risk thus, the solicitors ensure that the case has a good merit. Scan through the following to know when can you opt for a no win no fee claim.

  • The plaintiffs should have enough information about the case, so that at the time of verification the lawyers may not have to cancel the application for contingent fee.
  • The solicitors basically prefer to deal with fast track cases as they are considered to be more authentic. Moreover, the value of the compensation is high in such type of cases. Thus, the plaintiffs are suggested to file a police report or report the accident to the accident management agencies so that the case might get a legal authenticity thereby lessening the probability of cancellation.
  • It is easier to get compensated for fatal injuries rather than minor injuries. Thus, if you have suffered major injuries the solicitors may assure you quick recovery if asked no win no fee claim.
  • If you have a medical report along with the bills and the expenses it will acknowledge the injury endured by the accident victim. The solicitors will conduct a thorough verification about the injury suffered by the victim in order to decide the type of the accident.

The plaintiff need to apply for no win no fee claims within the tenure of three years from the day he gets an acknowledgement of the injury. With the increasing number of fake cases over the years the government along with his councils has imposed strict restriction on filling no win no fee injury claims. Thus, if you cannot afford to take the services of a solicitor you may sign a conditional fee with him or simply you may do so on the grounds of avoiding losses during the claiming procedure.

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