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Whiplash Claim Process Explained in the Light of Mechanism of the Injury

October 27, 2012 by  Filed under News


Whiplash wounds are caused to the passengers when a vehicle is abruptly accelerated or decelerated. It also happens when some other vehicle hits a vehicle from behind. Even the slightest jerk can also result in whiplash. Physicians who have treated and cured whiplash injuries for many years have identified some causal factors behind this type of injuries. The basic mechanism of these injuries has been discussed here below. The whole discourse is densely intertwined with pertinent examples for your further reference. The objective is to shed some light on the whiplash claim feasibility.

Whiplash wound generally result from impetuous elongation of the neck ligament which is clinically termed as anterior longitudinal ligament. If the head suddenly snaps because of a sudden jerk, it can cause an injury of this type. These injuries are also termed as cervical acceleration-deceleration injury. Car drivers or passengers, whose cars are hit from behind, are shaken suddenly move back and forth. As a result, the thoracic spine of the victim is crooked back whereas the cervical spine buckles into an S-shape. The lower and upper cervical spines are diametrically moved and the entire spine is injured as a result.

When do these injuries occur? Whiplash claim legal experts who deal with these cases regularly have identified some common trends. Cars that are stalled in traffic are often hit from behind by other cars driven by hasty and negligent drivers. The drivers and passengers inside are yanked abruptly. These injuries also happen when the drivers are compelled to pull brakes of their cars to see other vehicles suddenly getting in their ways. Also the airplane passengers may get whiplash injuries during the take-off. The roller coaster riders also get injured severely when the amusement rides suddenly accelerates. No win no fee solicitors cover almost all the categories above-mentioned.

If you have received an injury of this type in the recent past, the only thing you have to prove is the liability of some other person for that accident. For example, if you received a trivial injury during a flight, you may not be eligible for filing a claim. But if the flight attendants and air hostesses did not notify you before the take-off and did not instruct you to wear your seatbelt, you may bring a claim against the airline. On the other hand, if you have been injured in a road traffic accident which was not your fault by far and it was quite obvious that the neck injury resulted could well be avoided if the other party involved was a bit cautious and abiding to traffic rules you can easily file a whiplash claim.

For filing a court case of this type, you need to find an expert who can provide bespoke legal solutions. Keep in mind that whiplash is a name of an injury and the causation is not denoted through it. If it happened from a car accident you should opt for car accident claim experts, if it was a work accident you should file court case through a work accident compensation expert and so on. The Civil Services Commission website contains all the pertinent forms and information.

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