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Privacy Policy

Safeguarding Your Privacy

ULaw Ltd is committed to ensuring the personal and online safety of website users. Our privacy policy sets out the methods by which we handle and securely process your information; both for telephone and online communications.

Any personal information supplied to us, be it via email, online or during a telephone call with one of our representatives, will be handled with the utmost confidentiality and in accordance with protocols outlined by the Data Protection Act.

Only authorised personnel are permitted to handle confidential client data. This includes third party entities who may be called upon to validate your claim, or to assist in the claims process. Access to your personal data cannot be accessed by others without our permission; nor until we receive your prior consent.


Our Commitment To Protecting Your Privacy

Please use this opportunity to familiarise yourself with the manner in which ULaw Ltd handles and processes your personal information.


Our privacy policy may be accessed via the footer of every page on our website; simply click the relevant link to be redirected. All amendments to our policy will be published on this page and are viewable at any time.

ULaw Ltd is expressly committed to protecting your privacy, however, because we may gather statistical data on website users for analysis, we recommend all site users familiarise themselves with the privacy statement. This outlines the various types of information we collect, as well as its use, amendment and correction for company purposes.



How and Why We Gather Personal Data About You

Occasionally, you may be asked to disclose personal details in order to benefit from the services offered by our website. This may include details regarding your name, address, telephone contact information or email details. Your data will only be used to fulfill a website request made by you.


We reserve the right to collect data regarding your personal preferences if disclosed, and for site traffic analysis.

Will your information be disclosed to third parties?


If you contact a ULaw representative regarding a personal injury claim, we will only submit your details to an accredited firm of solicitors within the ULaw network. Any information supplied will be treated as confidential by the solicitor firm and will not be disclosed to any additional organisations.


At ULaw, we maintain a similar policy for individuals who contact us for reasons other than enquiring about a personal injury claim. Your personal information will neither be stored or passed to a third party without your express consent.

If you have any reservations or queries regarding the collation, use or distribution of personal information by ULaw Ltd, please contact us.


External Websites

Our privacy policy governs usage and handling of information passed by you, via our website. Our site may include links to external sources, however, once you navigate away from our page via these links, we do not have authority or control over how your information or activity is logged. We cannot be held responsible for the protection or handling of your information, should you choose to provide this when visiting external sites. For information regarding privacy and data collation, please visit the applicable policy page of that website.