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Distraction while driving leads to grandmother’s death in road traffic accident.

April 26, 2012 by  
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On 27th October 2011, a road accident claimed life of a 62 year old grandmother. The accident took place in Branham on the A134 highway. The victim, Glynis Laidlaw from Hawthorn Walk, Theford, was seated in the car being driven by her daughter Sarah Mann. Unfortunately, the accident was avoidable since it happened because Mann […]

A baby has been left without a mum as she is jailed for faking a car crash

March 2, 2012 by  
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Mother Samina Bahir aged 28 has made a false claim after saying her car was involved in a three car pile up accident. She said she had suffered injuries in the fake accident and and wanted to claim. She said she had suffered whiplash injuries in the incident. The mother admitted that the car crash […]

Road traffic accident has left a man paralysed so he claims, In Plymouth

On April 26 2010 about 8.45am there was a road traffic accident with a motorcyclist and a bus. The motorcyclist was a man named Richard Mo aged 23 years old he was riding his Honda motorcycle to City College Plymouth then supposedly the number 36 bus was said to have driven right in his way […]

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