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Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents Accident Claims

Motorcycle-Bicycle-No-Win-No-Fee-SolicitorsSuffering from injuries sustained in a motorbike accident that wasn’t your fault? You’re not alone. Statistics released by the Department for Transport suggest passenger vehicles account for over 75% of motorbike accidents, with the remaining 25% caused by damaged highways, bike on bike collisions, heavy goods and public transport vehicles, driver error and occasionally, pedestrians. Likewise if you commute via bicycle to or from your main location of employment, similar contributors pose a very real and unprecedented risk to even the most safety conscious of riders.

Is your health suffering as a result of a motorbike or bicycle accident? You could be entitled to a payout. Our esteemed personal injury lawyers will help you seek the justice and support you need on a completely no win no fee basis. What’s more, if we find in favour of your case, you get to keep 100% of the compensation!

You may fulfil qualifying criteria if:

  • * You were involved in a motorbike or bicycle accident that wasn’t your fault.
  • * Your bicycle/ motorbike was hit by a third party passenger vehicle driver.
  • * You have been involved in a hit and run incident.
  • * The accident was caused by a public transport/ heavy goods (HGV) or commercial vehicle.
  • * Your injuries were the result of a reckless/ speeding/ intoxicated driver.

Coping In The Aftermath of An Accident

Injuries sustained in such devastating occurrences can have significant impact upon the health, psychological welfare and in some cases, long term career prospects of motorbike and bicycle riders. This is why it is vital to consult with specialist motorcycle accident claims solicitors if you have been involved in such an accident. Your claim will be dealt with on its own merit by an assigned representative, who will then advise you of the best course of action.

Motorcycle accident injuries may not always present themselves immediately after the incident. If you sustained a head or spinal injury and consequently suffer from headaches, dizziness, debilitating pain or restricted movement, it is important to seek medical assistance to ensure there is no additional risk to your health. It can take days, weeks and in some cases, even years for some accident victims to recover. Making a motorcycle accident compensation claim could avail access to counselling, therapy and similar medical care depending on your circumstances.

Motorcycle Accidents Claims – How It Works

Bicycle accidents claims and motorcycle accident compensation are a very different facet of personal injury litigation to road traffic accident claims. Our esteemed panel of personal injury solicitors are some of the longest serving in the industry and have dealt with thousands of claims – even those which may have previously been overlooked. Using police logs, witness statements and photographic evidence from the scene of the evidence, they take the stress out of recounting a terrifying ordeal and seek only to find the root cause.

You do not need to supply extensive forms or contact insurance companies. Our no win no fee motorcycle accidents claims specialists are on-hand to deal with the paperwork. Simply give us a call in the first instance on: 08 or fill out the short online form with just some basic details. A member of our consultation team will contact you at a convenient time to offer advice, or discuss your personal injury claim.