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Free Vehicle Repair

Vehicle-RepairIf your car has been damaged in a non-fault road traffic accident, you may qualify for free vehicle repair. Road traffic accidents can happen to even the most experienced driver, often when you least expect it. Even minor accidents can be traumatic, as well as the cause of severe upheaval if your car was written off. Arranging a free courtesy vehicle couldn’t be easier thanks to our super-efficient team of car accident solicitors. With just one quick call you could have a replacement car delivered in as little as 4 hours, plus the worry of expensive repairs taken care of with our all-inclusive, no-cost service.

Our 100% free car accident compensation claims could offer:

  • * Arrangement of full repair to a non-fault accident damaged vehicle within an accredited body shop.
  • * Supply of a temporary vehicle replacement from our fleet that also has Luxury vehicles.
  • * No win, no fee handling of your case, with all costs levied paid by the other party’s insurers.
  • * Protection for your no-claims bonus.
  • * Dispatch of a replacement vehicle (of the same specification) in as little as 4 hours.
  • * Free legal advice and representation for any accompanying injury claim.

Vehicle Repairs Taken Care Of, Absolutely Free

Are you covered by roadside emergency services? If not, the potential recovery, assessment and repair costs could run into thousands and even affect your no-claims bonus. Drivers involved in non-fault road traffic accidents shouldn’t have to bear the spiralling costs of auto repairs, as well as the trauma that accompanies even minor car scrapes. Our premier road traffic accident specialists are on hand to alleviate the complications of arranging repairs and expensive vehicle hire.

Take advantage of our no-fee free vehicle repair offer. In most cases we can:

  • * Arrange full recovery and damage assessment of your vehicle by a qualified engineer – free.
  • * Organise and cover the costs of vehicle repair within an industry approved body shop.
  • * Liaise directly with the third party insurance company.
  • * Match your vehicle specifications with a suitable replacement from our extensive fleet, for the duration of the repair period.
  • * Handle all paperwork arising from your car accident claim, including compensation.

Find Out If You Qualify

If you have been involved in a non-fault road traffic accident that has resulted in personal injury and damage to your primary vehicle, you may qualify for no win no fee free vehicle repair and replacement. Age and history are irrelevant as we are only interested in helping you seek appropriate compensation for the incident and get back on the road. What’s more, your no claims bonus will not be affected.

Speak to one of our friendly road traffic accident claims specialists regarding your case by telephoning: 08 If you prefer, you can simply complete our short online form to request details and a call-back.