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Accidents at Work Claims Condense Trust for the UK Work Sector

March 16, 2013 by  Filed under News


An accident is defined as an occurrence that happens unexpectedly with no warning, causing injury. These are common and we are prone to being involved in them every day. However accidents can be prevented from happening when there is proper caution. Accidents at work claims are filed when there are accidents at the work place that can be completely "accident at work"avoided. This is mainly because of the fault of the company. When this form of negligence starts to manifest, all the workers have the right to file claims against their employers. Why is this you may ask? Because accidents cause so many trouble for the workers.

Employers go to work every morning so that they can fulfil their duties of the day and go back home in the evening. Being met with an accident is clearly not in the contract and it should not happen. Even though your work place involves risks, there should be cautions put in place to avoid any sort of hazard from happening. There is no excuse for the employer to be negligent with their employees. As a matter of fact, they should make sure that all their employees are well taken care of. This is mainly because without them, the businesses could collapses at any time. It is unfortunate though that in many work areas, this isn’t the case making it the reason accidents at work claims are very much advocated for.

Where accidents occur

Accidents happen in all work areas. Accidents occur in the office, industries, factories, construction sites, fire fighting companies, and mining areas. There are so many other places that accidents are witnessed. There is no place that an accident cannot happen. We always see aircrafts, trains and other forms of transport failing and causing grave accidents. All work areas are at the risk of having accidents and when it is the fault of the owners or employers, victims have every right to file accident at work claims as soon as they can.

Types of work accidents

With the different work places, the nature of the accident varies as well. Some work places have similar accident risk areas and others are very different. Here are the types of accidents that happen at work.

  • Slips and trips: Slips and trips are very common especially in the office settings. These happen especially when those who are washing the office area leave wet sections. This is absolutely dangerous. It is the job of management to make sure that they ensure the floors have warning signs. Many have had really bad falls to the point where they cannot go back to work as their seriously injured. Others slip and trip from carelessly left wires on the floors, from imbalanced stairs and so many other things. This may seem simple but it is totally dangerous. If you have been affected by this form of negligence, please make sure that you consider accident at work claims.
  • Falls from heights: This is something that is associated mainly with construction jobs or mining. There have been horrifying stories of many who have fallen from roofs and even lost their lives. It is the duty of all the employers to make sure that all the employees are taken extra care of especially in these dangerous job areas. There should be proper training on how to climb to the heights and how to come down as well. Those workers should be firmly held when hanging onto dangerous heights. Falling causes head injuries, back problems, broken "slip or trip claim"bones all leading to absolutely shattered lives as a whole. These falls are also life threatening as well.
  • Cuts: Cuts are also common forms of work accidents. They happen especially in the office, industry and factory sectors. This is because these working environments all have sharp devices everywhere. In the office sector, many have been cut by sharp edges, form cabinets that are not well closed or table edges. In the factory, many have lost their fingers or limbs from being cut by machines. This is basically very emotionally racking for many who have been victims of this. As a news article shows, a man lost his arm while working in a factory. Knowing that the suffering is from the fault of others, places thoughts of bitterness and injustice. Cuts cause infections that lead to worse problems. For this filing accident at work claims is more than required.
  • Falling objects: Another way that accidents at work occur is also from falling objects. This happens in the office setting due to badly stored books or heavy objects. This eventually falls on those working there, causing so many other problems. In the mines as well, many have been caved in and there is nothing more chilling as this. Few survive such accidents at work. Those that survive are badly injured and even go into comas. This is why it is more than advised to file for work accident claims.

Filing a claim

When you have been under all or some of these work accidents, you have to make sure that you look for a solicitor to represent you when filing a claim. It is the duty of every employer to give care to the workers and make sure that they are well trained and protected to undertake their duties. Employers should provide adequate gear for them to work in safety. When this is not the case, make sure that you file a claim.

You may not know how to do this. Well it is not very complicated. All you need to do is ask help from a solicitor who will make sure that you are well compensated. Being in the state of injury, there is almost no way of representing yourself in the court for these legal issues. A solicitor has handled many of these claims and you can be assured of professionalism for your claim. Do not suffer in silence. File a claim today!

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