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Work Accidents Raise Loads of Havoc in the UK as the Workers Continue to file for Accident at Work Claims

November 17, 2012 by  Filed under News


"accident at work"When one finally gets a job and settles well in it, it is remarkable news. It is even better when one gets a job that they love, as there is a reason to get up in the morning. This is everybody’s joy; to have a job that they can enjoy and be safe. However this isn’t the case in most UK work places. Workers are not safe and this is evident considering the many complaints and accident at work claims.

Accidents occur everywhere but an accident that happens as a result of someone else’s negligence ceases to be over looked. This is what is going on in many UK work places as the employers have really slack on their jobs. The job of the employer is not only primarily making sure that there are profits, but also to make sure that his or her employees are comfortable to work. Besides they labour very hard to keep the companies on their feet. This is the least they could ask for.

Accidents at work do not only happen in big industries as is most people’s misconception; but happen in office settings a lot of times. In offices people are exposed to danger left right and center  There are random falling objects from loose cabinets, open wires all over electrocuting the workers to very many sharp objects like staplers, scissors and pins. With this it is very dangerous as workers could get infections from being pricked. They could also have muscle pains from being fallen on by improperly stored things.

In large companies like industries, it is undeniable that any accident there could be very hazardous as the machinery used or chemicals can be very dangerous if there is a malfunction. Employers should make sure that the workers have proper training and proper attire and gear to work. The accidents are very horrifying and cause a vast range of injuries which are very detrimental and even life changing and also deadly.

According to a story an employee in the UK was badly injured in his workplace, leaving him with staples in his head. It is said that he wasn’t given enough training by the employer. The company was ordered to pay more than twenty thousand pounds to compensate his horrendous injury, which has threatened to damage his brain.

This is why it is urged that one files for an accident at work claim. Contacting a no win no fee solicitor is the way to go. These solicitors have a wide spectrum of experience and expertise in this field so you can be confident that there shall be full compensation. They will not rest until justice is attained. With them there is an agreement that if the case isn’t successful, they do not receive a penny. Do not hesitate to file a claim as the law has statutes in place for you. Call now.

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