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Filing Accident at Work Claims: Skirting the Setbacks

October 18, 2012 by  Filed under News


"accident at work"The no win no fee soliciting idea had been implemented in the United Kingdom in order to ensure that the legal system became a lot more affordable to the people in the country, so that it became easier for people to file compensation for facing an accident at work. So far, the system could be availed of by the two sections of the society: the ultra rich and those who lived on social welfare. This was because in most cases, the expenses that had to be borne by the suitor were too great to justify the outcome of the case. Therefore, only those who could afford to pay up a huge amount on fighting a legal case could opt for a compensation claim. This resulted in the fact that the middle classes were completely deprived of the chance of filing a compensation claim, and just bore their losses and suffering in silence. This problem was definitely solved by the arrival of the no win no-fee-solicitors. This clause encompassed almost every kind of personal injury possible.

However, there are several problems that came to be associated with the contingent fee settlement system too, as time passed along. The biggest plus point of the system also became its biggest drawback on account of overuse and misuse; the system became so easily available to everyone that a lot of people started pressing charges that were flimsy enough to border on imaginary.

According to the Citizens Advice Guide issued by the Citizen Advice Bureau, every person is entitled to a certain amount of compensation when he or she has been wrongly victimised by the negligence of someone else. This, however, has led to a rather complicated and confusing situation. A lot of people file compensation claims whenever they have been involved in an accident; however, in many cases, the damage done is negligible and could have been easily avoided by the victim himself. In many cases, the amount of injury inflicted is actually exaggerated and hyped up a lot.

The medical community of the United Kingdom has also been complaining about the increasing number of compensation claims that are filed very year. Naturally, not too many people are happy with the situation, since claims are being filed for even the smallest of injuries.

No win no fee solicitors can broker certain deals which are causing quite a lot of distress among respondents. For instance, according to the law of the United Kingdom, the defendant has to pay extra, excluding the compensation amount, if the claimant is unable to afford the legal expenses incurred during the trial. While this is definitely good news for the claimant, the respondent ends up paying more than he or she possibly deserved for the act of negligence.

The situation is also not that great for someone who is not likely to be able to extract a large sum of money as compensation. In such cases, there is hardly anything left from the compensation granted after paying the fees of the lawyer as well the other expenses that are incurred during the trial.

While the financial interest of the lawyer in the case prompts him to work harder, it might also mean that he can exert too much control over the case and manipulate it, often not looking into the best interests of the claimant.

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