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Wrongful Death Circumstances and Claims: An Overview

April 5, 2013 by  Filed under News


Health care in the UK is actually provided by the public health care service which is the National Health Service (NHS). Its job is the provide healthcare to all permanent residents of the United Kingdom. It is sad though that there are very many medical negligence "medical negligence"claims that are being filed against the medical sector in the country. When there has been hurt caused due to carelessness of a medical personnel, a patient has every right to consider filing these claims.

Medical Negligence

This is defined as the substandard work done by the medical professionals which ends up causing a lot of injuries to the victims. Having to be involved in an accident when in the very same place though to be a safe haven, is basically heartbreaking. There is no place that an ailing person can turn to, except a hospital. In the UK today however, it looks like this is not the case. Many have actually lost their trust in the public health institutions.

The Irony

With the medical field all over the world seeming to evolve with technology, there should be no space left for any clinical negligence. Doctors today are being given really good training as compared to those who studied the practice two decades ago. The medical gadgets are also much better today as compared to the old days. This goes for diagnostic, life support, medical monitors and heart and lung machines. All these are clearly not the same. This means that there is no excuse for there to be medical negligence as there is everything needed for a fine working environment.

Medical Negligence Reasons

There are many reasons behind medical negligence which are very shocking to even say the least. One of the reasons behind this form of negligence is the fact that the medical personnel are actually very complacent with their work. This therefore breeds a very negative attitude when they are working. What happens is this case is that they begin to treat patients as a butch and not individuals, without giving any care.

Another sad reason behind medical negligence is that fact that some of the medical ‘experts’ are not competent in any way. This can happen because of lack of training. Before one is fully certified as a doctor, there should be a period where they go through internship under a doctor. Well it seems that this isn’t the case. Incompetence is making many doctors mess up a whole lot with patient’s lives. Other reasons include plain carelessness and lack of focus.

Filing a Claim

When you have been involved with medical incompetence of any sort, you have to make sure that you file a claim as soon as possible. Certain websites will basically give you all the information on attaining justice. You will also get a good solicitor make sure that you are represented in the right way. There is no need to worry about handling your own legal issues. Solicitors are well read professionals who will make sure you are 100% compensated.

Conditions That are Classified as Wrongful Death

Being the victim of clinical negligence is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, a highly traumatic event, and the situation doesn’t get worse "no win no fee"than in cases of wrongful death. If you have been on the receiving end of a negligent professional, it is of the utmost importance that you file wrongful death medical negligence claims. While filing such a claim, make sure that you have engaged the services of a legal professional who is experienced in the particular field of medical negligence.

  • The doctor or the anaesthetist failed to take into account that the patient suffers from allergies to certain elements. Triggering allergies can be fatal, especially if the patient is already with a weak immune system.
  • The doctor or the anaesthetist ignored the allergic reaction being suffered by the patient’s health despite the obvious signs, thus administering no treatment.
  • The patient was administered or prescribed incorrect medicine, thus leading to fatal complications.
  • The doctor prescribed the patient with a bigger dosage of the medicine than required, thus leading to complications that resulted in death.
  • The obstetrician was unable to monitor the mother and child as much as was required in the case of a difficult labour, despite having all the necessary data and equipment, thus leading to death of mother or child or both.
  • The hospital or the clinic the patient was admitted to did not observe the hygiene requirements set down by the HSE, thus causing infections and a fatal deterioration of the health of the patient.
  • The doctors failed to detect the presence of a dangerous virus, causing an infection or illness, despite the symptoms being there.
  • A surgical procedure went horribly wrong because of the ineptitude of the surgeons or the lack of adequate equipments in the healthcare clinic.
  • The doctors failed to make a diagnosis of a particular illness despite the symptoms being present, thus leading to absence of treatment.

It is of the utmost importance to keep in mind that the points mentioned above comprise only the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of other problems that might lead to wrongful death owing to negligence, and all of them fall under the personal injury category as per the laws of the United Kingdom. Whatever the reason has been, you have still suffered an immense loss, and it is your ethical right to file a claim for compensation.

The Complications and the Solution

Wrongful death medical negligence claims can be pretty difficult, not least because the field is a highly technical one. Even if you strongly believe that the demise was facilitated by the negligent behavior of the healthcare professional, it is highly likely that you will find yourself hard put to prove your claim to the court. For this purpose, make sure that you have the opinion of a medical professional not related to your case at all; this way, your case will be taken care of and there will be no doubt whatsoever about the validity of your claim. Aside from making sure that the demise has actually occurred due to the negligence of a medical professional, the opinion of an experienced professional will also be regarded as authentic and unbiased by the jury and judge.

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