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Wrongful Death Circumstances and Claims: An Overview

April 5, 2013 by  
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Health care in the UK is actually provided by the public health care service which is the National Health Service (NHS). Its job is the provide healthcare to all permanent residents of the United Kingdom. It is sad though that there are very many medical negligence claims that are being filed against the medical sector […]

Medical Negligence Which Leads To Medical Negligence Claims

March 8, 2013 by  
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Sickness always strikes in our lives and all we can do is do what is inevitable; visit the hospital. This means that we are left in the hands of the professionals. In the UK though, it seems as though this doctors have not lived up to their end of the deal causing medical negligence claims. […]

The Ways to Receive Fair Clinical Mishap Compensation

February 21, 2013 by  
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In order to make your claim successful, you need to prove the two most essential things. The first being the fault of the medical practitioner and the other is the medical negligence that contributed to the present injury and health disease. Thus, it is suggested to consult the solicitor as soon as possible, so that […]

How to Deal With Your Clinical Negligence Claims

January 11, 2013 by  
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Whenever you are ailing, you have no choice but to visit your doctor for medical advice. After all this is the wisest thing to do. However it is very unfortunate that there are numerous cases where patients are filing for medical negligence claims. This has escalated at an alarming rate. The reason why there are […]

Importance of a Lawyer in Handling a Medical Injury Claim

November 27, 2012 by  
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A medical error refers to a mistake committed during prescription, and application of a medicine. The medical errors are usually categorized according to the phase of the medication use cycle in which the problem occurs. A medical error can cause serious harm to the patient. However, they are preventable if the doctors are cautious and […]

UK Hospitals Under Fire over Clinical Negligence

November 11, 2012 by  
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Being under the weather is one of the most unfortunate things that we mostly go through. However it isn’t avoidable as we are so prone to diseases. This leads us to heading to the doctors to seek medical advice. Medical practitioners are very well trained for many years to make sure that they handle our health problems […]

No Win No Fee Solicitors: How do they calculate the Claiming Amount?

August 21, 2012 by  
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The no win no fee lawyers have earned much popularity over the years for their exclusive services. They have been successful in helping the accident victims by awarding them with successful compensation. Thus, if you have suffered any kind of accidents within the tenure of three years at others’ fault, then you may take legal […]

76 Year Old Man Receives Six Figure Medical Negligence Compensation After Leg Amputation

June 20, 2012 by  
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A doctor’s wrong diagnosis and lack of responsibility caused an old man suffer a leg amputation. Brian Dowsett, the 76 year old victim, would have never thought a day before that a simple blood clotting in the right leg will turn him disabled. The old man, angry and frustrated with his misdiagnosis, sued the concerned […]

10 Year Girl Receives Medical negligence Compensation for Her Lost legs

May 25, 2012 by  
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Lydia Cross, a 10-year-old girl, lost her legs after her GP failed to diagnose the symptoms of meningitis. Tony and Jodi Cross, Lydia’s parents sued Dr. John Harrison, the concerned GP, who had advised them over the phone about how to take care of the sick child. Dr. Harrison finally realized his fault and admitted […]

Court Orders Lincolnshire Hospital Trust to Pay £10.8m for Medical Negligence

May 22, 2012 by  
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The London’s High Court has ordered the Lincoln County hospital to pay £10.8m to Milly Evans, a girl who suffered scourging injuries at birth. Following her birth on March 2001, Milly was shifted to the neo-natal unit at Lincoln County Hospital where she went through resuscitation procedures and experienced a seizure. Kate Evans, the mother […]

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