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How to Deal With Your Clinical Negligence Claims

January 11, 2013 by  Filed under News


Whenever you are ailing, you have no choice but to visit your doctor for medical advice. After all this is the wisest thing to do. However it is very unfortunate that there are numerous cases where patients are filing for medical negligence claims. This has escalated at an alarming rate. The reason why there are so many of these claims is because patients have been let loose into the glaring vicious teeth of medical negligence.

Medical negligence:

You may not know what medical negligence is exactly. This, also known as medical or clinical negligence is professional negligence by the act or omission by a healthcare provider in which the treatment provided falls below the bar or accepted standard of practice in the medical community which is very high as a matter of fact. This ends up causing injury or even death of a patient due to medical error.

Accidents are prone to happen anywhere and at any time and hospitals is not an exception either. However we expect that since doctors work on human life, nothing should ever go wrong where our health is concerned. This is on the contrary however as in the UK there are so many medical practitioners who have made mistakes out of carelessness causing major accidents. This is unacceptable as these medical practitioners such as doctors and surgeons have gone to medical school for a long period of time to make sure that they are perfect. This is why so many when affected by clinical negligence, the most natural thing left to do is to file for medical negligence claims, and who can blame them? They have been made to suffer through so much due to carelessness caused by the very people they thought that they could trust.

How medical negligence occurs

Medical negligence is saddening and it occurs in quite a number of ways. You may have visited the doctor expecting to feel better only to be disappointed. Instead of having your health issues sorted out, you leave the medical institution worse than you went. This is a heartbreaking reality and this is how it could be triggered.

  • Delays: There are many hospitals in the UK where many have fallen more ill due to them being ignored in the queue of patients. Some come with emergencies and instead of being attended to with haste; the doctors either push the time ahead or do not see them at all. Another horrifying thing is where patients have delayed diagnosis of diseases. There have been many women in the UK who have discovered that they have breast cancer since the doctors did not look at their symptoms in time to curb the disease.
  • Misdiagnosis: This happens when the medial personnel go wrong in identifying the sicknesses that patients are ailing from. This can cause death of patients since they could be treated for the wrong ailment for the longest time. Another aspect of misdiagnosis is when one could be told that they are free of a certain disease mainly cancer or growths only to find out that this was not true only this time it is too late to reverse the situation.
  • Wrong administration: Many have filed for medical negligence claims because medical personnel have administered the wrong medicine to them thus causing worse health conditions upon them. Other medical personnel are not keen to consult patients about allergies or conditions which they may suffer from when given certain medication. Some people have conditions where they suffer internal bleeding due to aspirin. Others could be allergic to any form of anti-biotic or anaesthesia. It is the responsibility of any doctor to seek this information from patients.
  • Surgery: Some patients have come out of the surgical room with more problems than they anticipated. This is just so unfortunate. Some have gone to get tumours removed or brain haemorrhages rectified only to find that they later suffer from speech and memory loss.
  • Birth injuries: When one is pregnant it is very exciting to know that the d-day has finally come. However in most UK hospitals there have been many complaining since their innocent newborns suffer brain complications such as cerebral palsy because doctors failed to detect something that was wrong.

If you have been a victim of the above distressing consequences of medical negligence, you must file for medical negligence claims and the best way is to contact no win no fee solicitors. These are the best lawyers to help with your claims. They have handled so many of these cases that you will not have to worry about anything. All you need to do is provide the evidence and thereafter leave them to do their job.

With no win no fee solicitors, you will have an agreement with them which is going to be conditional. If you do not win the case with regard to the medical negligence claim that you filed, you will not be charged a single penny. However this is more incentive to the solicitor to make sure that the claim is successful. This will be a great advantage for you because you will be rightfully compensated.

When you seek help from a no win no fee solicitor you are assured professionalism of the highest order and legal advice which will be related to the medical negligence claim. You will not have to do the majority of the work. If you are unwell due to this medical negligence, you are at no position to try working on all your legal issues. What you should be concentrating on is rest and recuperation.

Whenever you file for a claim you will be making certain that the medical practitioners behind your agony are brought to book. Many patients are very vulnerable and several medical experts take advantage, treating them with no respect at all. This is why you should file a claim because this will make a statement and be a voice for the voiceless.

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