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Industrial Disease Claim

Industrial Disease ClaimIs your health suffering after years of industrial labour? Occupational hazards present themselves in many lines of employment, yet few are as prolific or potentially damaging long-term as industrial disease and injury. “Occupational” and “industrial disease” are terms used to describe illnesses, injuries and conditions sustained in the workplace, usually due to prolonged exposure to harmful substances or environments. Many people simply don’t realise they may be entitled to an industrial disease compensation claim. Armed with years of experience in industrial and occupational law, our team of award-winning no win no fee personal injury solicitors are on-hand to seek justice on your behalf.

Are You Eligible To Make An Industrial Disease Claim?

Industrial diseases rarely present themselves until a significant period of time after exposure to hazardous chemicals, pollutants and machinery. This is why industrial disease compensation claims were relatively unheard of until quite recently. Advancements in medical sciences have now enabled doctors to ascertain the root causes of common health issues. These advancements, coupled with changes to the law regarding employer liability now make it possible for sufferers to seek compensation for health issues, such as:

  • * Industrial Deafness
  • * Chronic Bronchitis and Occupational Asthma.
  • * Repetitive Strain Injury and vibration injury.
  • * Physical injury, burns and disfigurement caused by industrial machinery.
  • * Occupational skin conditions, such as dermatitis.
  • * Pulmonary Diseases.
  • * Lung conditions resulting from exposure to asbestos, silica and other harmful substances.
  • * Disability – including accidents involving permanent limb damage or brain injury.

Causes of Industrial Diseases

Defective work practices are a common contributor to long-term occupational health problems such as RSI (repetitive strain injury), industrial deafness and occupational asthma. Industrial diseases tend to arise from exposure to harsh chemicals or non-controlled pollutants and often include asbestos related respiratory issues, silicosis (lung disease) and chronic bronchitis. While a great many improvements have been made to industrial working conditions, occupational hazards have and continue to negatively impact the health of thousands of people through no fault of their own.

If you are unsure about your eligibility for an industrial disease compensation claim, talk to one of our industry professionals who will guide you through each step of the litigation process. We extend our assistance on the understanding that this is a no win no fee service. You do not have to pay interim costs and we ensure you keep full and final settlement of the compensation amount.

Representative Case Examples

Industrial diseases can very often manifest themselves years after you have retired. This does not mean you are beyond the help of our legally trained team. In fact, we’ve successfully assisted many ex-industrial employees from all walks of life! From ship builders, miners and steel workers, to manual labourers and textile factory workers, our industrial disease claims have enabled people across the UK to gain access to services integral to their welfare.

Occupational health issues may not always be apparent in the early stages, which is why we advise booking a provisional appointment with your General Health Practitioner. Should you need interim advice on the best course of action, or you’d like further details on starting a claim, please call us in strictest confidence on: 08 Alternatively, please complete the short online form and a member of our team will contact you as soon as possible.