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Slip, Trip or Fall

Slip trip fall No Win No Fee SolicitorsA slip, trip or fall can occur anywhere, at any time. Accidents involving trips and falls upon uneven road surfaces, at work and upon pavements are some of the most prevalent causes of injury we see each year. Some may result in short-term damage requiring fewer than 1-2 days absence from work, whereas others can necessitate long periods of leave. Our trusted team of expert personal injury lawyers are 100% committed to seeking justice for even the most complicated of slip, trip claims.

What Constitutes A Slip, Trip or Fall?

Slips, trips and falls are commonly used to refer to accidents in the workplace, street or shop that result in the victim inadvertently falling over because of an uneven surface or negligence.

Slips can happen at any time, but most commonly apply to accidents:

  • * Whilst shopping at the supermarket.
  • * Within the workplace.
  • * Involving wet floors, without necessary warning signs.
  • * Due to uneven pavements or highway surfaces.

If your claim reveals the cause of the accident to be gross negligence, questionable safety standards or poor levels of maintenance, our dedicated accident management company could help you recoup the compensation you deserve. We operate on a clear, no win no fee basis and because of the sensitive nature of claim, will endeavour to conduct our investigations with the utmost confidentiality and discretion. Find out whether you could make a claim today!


There are many elaborate and complex laws pertaining to responsibility for public highways and surfaces, however, it isn’t always easy to identify just who owns a certain area. Local councils are responsible for maintaining the upkeep of main thoroughfares, but there also many open spaces owned privately. Perhaps you are worried about making a slip, trip compensation claim because the accident occurred in your workplace? Many people avoid making a claim in the belief they will be launching a direct legal attack on their employers. With our sensitive approach and commitment to seeking justice in the most delicate of cases, we can identify the root cause and seek an out of court settlement on your behalf. Unsure whether you have cause for a claim? Speak to one of our advisers in complete confidentiality and find out, today!

Personal Injury Compensation – How Much You Could Claim

Slips, trips and falls constitute one of the largest and most complex areas of personal injury law. Our no win no fee personal injury lawyers are specialists in this area of personal injury litigation with proven experience in a host of leading cases.

Here are just a few examples of common slip, trip and fall injuries, plus the estimated entitlement:

  • * Moderate injuries, including sprains – up to £6,000*
  • * Leg injuries, including breaks, torn cartilage and muscle damage – up to £13,000*
  • * Back injury – up to £30,000*
  • * Severe trauma, including head, back and recurring injury – £30,000+*


*The amount you are entitled to can be variable, depending on factors such as the cause, type and longevity of an injury.

If you are currently suffering from any type of injury as a result of a slip, trip or fall, it is vital you seek medical assistance as early as possible.

Call 08 now for a no-obligation discussion regarding your circumstances, or alternatively, submit a few brief details via our simple online form. Our personal injury lawyers are on-hand to provide support at every step of the way and can also call-back, if required.