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Did You Slip and Hurt? Know what you can do

March 2, 2013 by  Filed under News


Slips and trips has always been one of the common accidents that happen now and then. However, dealing with them has been pretty difficult task. Slip or trip injuries are unpredictable and uncertain, thus, when you feel that none of the injury could harm you, suddenly you may start realizing neck and back strains or several other internal injuries caused as the "slip or trip claim"result of the accident. Slips and trips can happen as the result of innumerable occurrences such as, sudden slip on the stairs and on the work floors or on the road may cause you severe damage. But, then, these are not claimable. Only if, you have come across an accident as the result of other’s fault it can be termed as a claimable case.

Not only, it is difficult to predict the outcome of the slips and trips accident, but also it can be difficult to secure payouts for the victims. On consultation with the solicitors, you can receive satisfactory compensation, as they are well aware about the tactics of winning the case. But, then, you need to claim online before availing their services. Once you fill the form with detailed information, the solicitor might verify the case to confirm. Scroll down to know about the was of filing the online form

  • Once you browse through the website, you will come across a navigation bar named, claim online, click that and start filing the form.
  • Type the victim’s name along with the telephone number, so that he can be contacted after verification of the case.
  • Give your personal details, including the mail address, so that you stay connected to the lawyers. He can exchange the documents and evidences with the plaintiffs with the help of the e-mail address.
  • Type the date, place and the time of accident.
  • Give detailed information about the reason and the effect of accident. Also, inform about the payment you have already made to the travel agent and mention what you expect from the claim.
  • Select your preferred time. Send the form and wait for the lawyer’s call.

Well, it is suggested to appoint the no win no pay solicitors, so that you may avoid the risk of financial loss. Now, how is that possible? On signing a no win no pay agreement with the solicitors you will not be charged a single penny until they win the case. If they happen to loose the case, then the whole loss is board by them. Thus, it would be a smart choice to opt for them.

Even, then, with so many facilities, there are few victims who are reluctant to claim. This could be due to the uncertain period of claiming procedure or because of the expense on the legal fee and the success fee. Consider the below mentioned domains to know what compensation has to offer to the plaintiffs,

  • Financial Payouts: With the pains and sufferings of the victims, the expenses keep on multiplying. Whilst meeting the medical bills, doctor’s fee and other related expenses, the victim might suffer from financial crisis. Payouts can enable the victim to concentrate on his treatment other than worrying about finances.
  • Loss of Earning: Continuous aches in the neck and back or internal bleeding might prevent the victim to perform his work, thereby making him absent from his job. Taking leaves from work place for consecutive days might cause loss of earning to the victim. In such situation, claiming compensation is one of the best options for "no win no fee"the victims. On calculating the annual income of the victim, the solicitors make out a value that is proposed to the court as a part of compensation for the loss of income endured by the victim.
  • Non-Financial Payouts: The pains suffered by the victims as the result of someone else’s negligence is not pardonable. Even then, it is difficult to calculate an amount for the blows and the pains, the appointed solicitor can help the victims in this. On considering the medical report and the severity of the injury, the lawyers calculate the amount for the non-financial losses. With severe injuries, the value is fixed at high rate and the opposite happens in the case of minor ones.

The no win no pay solicitors can help you receive the amount after going through a prolonged claiming procedure. Well, then before appointing a solicitor it is very important to consider the following points,

  • Qualification: Mostly, the legal advisors are expected to have minimum bachelor’s degree in law. Even then, there are many who have completed masters in the same and have acquired diploma, specializing in different genres of law.
  • Specialization: It is suggested to appoint a specialized solicitor for your case. Suppose, you have come across road traffic accident, then it is better to opt for someone who has specializes in the same. This is because the experience of the lawyers in the same would help him to deal with any kind of complex and simple traffic accidents.
  • Experienced: Though both interns and experienced solicitors work in the firm, yet it is better to appoint the one, who has been dealing with these types of case since long. The interns might have their own tactics to win the case. But, then, it is suggested to take the guidance of the experts who knows well about the nitty gritty of the case. They can also assess the time needed to win a claim.
  • Listens to You: It is very important to see whether the solicitor listens t you or not. In many cases, it is found that the lawyer does not even bother to keep the plaintiff up-to-dated about the case or listen to his expectations.
  • Honest: You lawyer should be honest when representing the case at the court. He should not attain any wrong means to win the amount of the compensation. He should analyze the case properly and start working on it.

It is advised to deal with the one who is good at his behavior, apart from only being excellent in his work.

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