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Slip trip fall accident claim in cafe blamed on shoes

May 28, 2012 by  Filed under Featured, News


Many would not want the hassle of taking on a large business, but that is not the case with a businessman who is standing tall when taking on a supermarket legally, following a slip or trip injury.

Bill Leathers, 68 years and a property developer recently fell at a cafe at Sainsbury’s in the Team Valley, Gateshead. It is Bill’s claim that he ended up slipping on a pool of water and injured his back when he was trying to break his fall. He is angered by the fact that Sainsbury is refusing to take any responsibility. Bill of Newcastle said that he tore a ligament and was not able to walk or stand. He went on to say that he was in complete agony and was in need of physiotherapy treatment.

He says that he had seen the accident report and found that it read more like a bad joke. The report seemed to blame the shoes that he was wearing on the day of the fall. However, Bill says that he was shod in leather-soled Loake business shoes which cost around £200 and that there was no chance of a slip happening with those kind of shoes. After all he added, was there a specific kind of shoe that was to be worn when going out to have a cup of tea in a Sainsbury’s cafe?”

The staff at Sainsbury said in their accident report that they did see a sticky patch on the floor, but they felt that it did not constitute a slip hazard. Bill was immediately taken to a hospital where the doctors diagnosed him as having a prolapsed disc.

Legal representation for Sainsbury’s has come forward with the argument that they have a cleaning system that is handled by contractors who should have essentially identified such issues. They claimed that the supermarket had done pretty much all they could in order to prevent an accident as recommended by the Occupiers Liability Act.

A spokeswoman for the organization said that it would be inappropriate for her to talk about the case since it was being handled by solicitors. When such slip trip or fallcases go to court, liability once confirmed will mean that the organization involved will have to shell out personal injury compensationas per court stipulations. In Bill’s case it would be to cover medical costs of treatment, medication as well rehabilitation that he may need.

Working such cases however can be rather tricky and it would be good idea to have specialized solicitors work the case for you. Especially in the case of large organization which has legal backing as well support from legislation, it can be difficult to get around it.

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