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Digest on the Work Accident Solicitor

February 14, 2013 by  
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Work accidents continue to injure innumerable workers in and around the UK. The government has been trying hard to check the growing rise of the accident at work, but little could be achieved. This is probably because both the employee and the employers are very casual about safety. Carelessness when working has been one of […]

Portraying a Brief Picture of Accidents at Work in the UK

December 2, 2012 by  
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The workplaces in the United Kingdom are not safe for the workers. Thousands of accidents are witnessed in the commercial sectors of the United Kingdom. Workers who need to work at height runs the risks of accidental falls. They can face several other problems that the workers who work on ground can avoid. The Health […]

How to Select the Suitable No Win No Pay Work Accident Lawyer?

November 15, 2012 by  
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Suffering from brain injuries might have life-changing effect on the victims. Irrelevant of the pains, the victims might have to expend whole lot money after the medical treatment. Thus, if you have been recently involved in an accident at work as the result of the employer’s negligence, then you have the right to file claim […]

Tips for Finding a Quality No Win No Pay Work Accident Lawyer

November 9, 2012 by  
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No win no pay work accident claim can only be filed if the victimized worker could prove the negligence of the employer. The employer is entitled to provide safety and security to the workers but, if he fails to do so then, he is expected to compensate the workers for the accident at work. Victimized […]

Why it is recommended to appoint No Win No Pay Solicitors when Claiming Work Accident?

November 8, 2012 by  
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Well, both the employer and the employee can be responsible for workplace accidents. But, if you have slipped and tripped on the work floor due to spillage of liquids on the work floor or if the due of machine failure you have endured injuries then, the employer is responsible for such accident at work. The employer is supposed to […]

What can be provided by the No Win No Pay Lawyers to the Work Accident Victims?

November 7, 2012 by  
Filed under News

Whilst working, accidents are very common in workplaces. But then, if it has happened as the result of the employer’s negligence then the victim has the right to file accident at work claim against him. However, the employer is also responsible to compensate the worker with fair value of compensation that can meet up all […]

Filing Medical Negligence Claims with the Expert Solicitors

November 2, 2012 by  
Filed under News

Going through the process of claiming compensation and receiving the dues is impossible without the assistance of the solicitors. Different types of compensation claims are filed in various ways and each come with their own set of complications. The solicitors help in encountering these difficult parts and solving them eventually. The best part about hiring […]

Filing Road Traffic Accident Claims with Expert Solicitors

November 1, 2012 by  
Filed under News

Getting involved in a traffic accident without really having anything to do with it is an extremely unfortunate happening. The misfortune, however, really begins after one has faced the road traffic accident, in the form of medical bills, travel expenses, loss of payment due to absence at work and, last but definitely not the least, […]

A No Win No Pay Solicitor Can Help You Win a Medical Negligence Case Free of cost

October 30, 2012 by  
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In the United Kingdom, a large number of clinical negligence cases arise from delayed diagnosis or wrong diagnosis of medical conditions. The consequences of a misdiagnosis can be dangerous. A wrong diagnosis can lead the doctor to prescribe wrong medicines and therapies worsening the condition of the patient. The results of delayed diagnosis are no […]

Whiplash Claim Process Explained in the Light of Mechanism of the Injury

October 27, 2012 by  
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Whiplash wounds are caused to the passengers when a vehicle is abruptly accelerated or decelerated. It also happens when some other vehicle hits a vehicle from behind. Even the slightest jerk can also result in whiplash. Physicians who have treated and cured whiplash injuries for many years have identified some causal factors behind this type […]

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