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Why it is recommended to appoint No Win No Pay Solicitors when Claiming Work Accident?

November 8, 2012 by  Filed under News


Well, both the employer and the employee can be responsible for workplace accidents. But, if you have slipped and tripped on the work floor due to spillage of liquids on the work floor or if the due of machine failure you have endured injuries then, the employer is responsible for such accident at work. The employer is supposed to look after the safety and security of the employer. If he fails to keep up to his entitlement and the workers come across accidents whilst at work then, he is expected to compensate the worker with fair value so that he can meet up all his damages. Read on the following to know what can lead to work place other than slip and trip.

  • Forklift Failure
  • Road Traffic Accident
  • Industrial Disease
  • Using High-End Technology Machines
  • Unhygienic Work Condition

What to do if you have been the victim of Human Error?

Filing claim against the victim might be one of the best ways to recover all the losses endured in the work accident. But then, you need to prove the guilt of the faultier. If you are new to claim then, it is suggested to take assistance of the lawyers in the UK. Being ignorant about the claiming procedure the victims might often have to settle unfair value of compensation. Thus, to handle such situations the victim might need the help of the solicitors. But then, whilst meeting the expenses after medical treatment, the work accident victims might not able to afford the fees of the lawyers. Hence, the federal advisors are offering no win no pay services to the victims. According to such service, the plaintiffs will not be charged even a single penny if the no win no fee solicitors fail to secure claim for them. Know how you can help the lawyers to win a successful claim.

  • As soon as you meet accidents at work, write down all the accident related information in a paper, including the date, time and the place of the accident.
  • You may also take snaps of the object that was responsible for the accident and the then injury endured by you. If you are unable to do so ask your colleague to do it for you.
  • Note down the contact details of the eye witnesses with which the lawyers might try to convince them on the favor of the plaintiffs.
  • See the medical expert as soon as possible and get hold of the injury report that will enable the no win no pay solicitors to calculate the amount of compensation for both financial and non-financial damage.

With the above mentioned proofs the lawyers might find out more information about the accused that might help you win fair value of compensation. Those who don’t want to file claim against the victim in a fear of running out of his job, they might contact these federal advisors who offer mutual settlement benefits to their clients. Now, you may wonder about what exactly is mutual settlement. The appointed lawyer and the litigant with its insurer sit to discuss about the claim in front of legal officials. With logical discussion both the accused and the victim’s lawyer settle with a fair deal of compensation that might enable the victim to recover all his losses.

Lucrative Services Provided by the No Win No Pay Lawyers

It is suggested to appoint specialized lawyers such as, if you are thinking of work accident claim then, contact the accident at work no win no pay solicitors who have been dealing with same type of case for prolonged time and by now they might have become expert in handling all sorts of simple and complex cases related to workplace accident. Both the interns and the experienced solicitors work together as associates in the law firms. You might appoint the interns as well other than the experienced ones as they might have new ideas and tactics to win the claim. But then, if you case is a complex ones than it is better to opt for the experienced ones as they might be know about the nitty gritty of the procedure to tackle the complex cases. Read on the following to know about the other facilities provided by the no win no pay lawyers.

  • Legal Tips: It might not be possible for the victims to know all about the claiming procedure. With the professional guidance of the solicitors they might educate themselves about the do’s and don’ts of the claim.
  • Search for Evidences: On behalf of the victim the solicitors can search for the evidences against the litigant. If the victim is unable to collect the medical report, the plaintiffs might do the same for him. With the help of such report they decide the deadline of the claim.
  • Determine the value of the claim: With the medical report, the lawyers determine the amount for both financial damages such as, present and potential medical expenses, and non-financial damages such as, pains and sufferings of the victim. Though, there is no formula to calculate the value for pains and sufferings but then, the no win no fee solicitors make it possible for the plaintiffs. On considering the severity of the injury endured by the victim in the work accident they determine the amount of the compensation.
  • Represent the Case at the Court: On stuffing the evidences in a file, the solicitors represent the case at the court. They make sure to argue until the win is assured.

Be polite when you talk to them and make sure to discuss all about the losses endured in the work place accident. Or else the solicitor might fail to calculate fair deal of compensation for the plaintiffs. Give them enough time to study the case thoroughly and work accordingly. Know more about them from their websites.

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