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Medical Negligence

Medical-NegligenceMedical professionals have a duty of care to patients and next-of-kin. They are responsible for ensuring the highest standards of appropriate care and treatment are administered to patients, whilst adhering to stringent regulations set out by medical law. As a rule, medical professionals can rarely be faulted for their commitment to care, or the excellent standards to which they adhere, but occasionally accidents will happen. Many years ago, it would have been virtually impossible to prove that infection, side-effects or fatality were the direct result of improper treatment. Medical negligence claims have since changed all that. Now, with the help of our medical litigation specialists, you can seek justice if you believe you have suffered as a result of improper treatment, conflicting health advice or misdiagnosis.

Medical Negligence Compensation – What Does It Cover?

Medical negligence compensation claims cover a broad spectrum of misdiagnoses, surgery complications and complaints. Post-procedural complications and side-effects from surgery or anaesthetic are common examples of factors for medical negligence claims, however, the list also extends to undetected terminal illnesses and the passing of a loved one due to medical complications. Medical negligence can also refer to cases that are believed to be a result of carelessness, complacency or human error.

Combining years of experience in the field of clinical negligence with an emboldened desire to seek justice for thousands of people, our no win no fee medical negligence solicitors are the first port of call for all manner of clinical negligence cases, including:

  • * Post-surgery complications following both invasive and non-invasive procedures.
  • * Delayed or incorrect diagnosis of an illness, whether short-term or terminal.
  • * Postponed or delayed referral to a specialist.
  • * Birth injury claims
  • * Wrongful diagnosis, resulting in injury or suffering.
  • * Unusual side-effects of treatment you were not informed about.
  • * Medical liability – e.g for contraction of a non-relative infection during a hospital stay.
  • * Death of a relative/ loved one due to clinical, diagnostic or human error.


Seeking Interim Medical Help

If you believe you have sustained an injury, developed unusual side-effects post-surgery or have been misdiagnosed, it is vital you seek medical attention. You are entirely within your rights to ask for a second opinion and you do not have to disclose your reasons for doing so. Secondly, call us. Depending upon the circumstances of your case, we may be able to arrange care and rehabilitation, if there is no immediate threat to your current state of health.

Access To Justice – How It Works

Medical negligence cases are by far the most complex of any personal injury litigation, which is why we do not publicise representative examples. Our team of dedicated clinical negligence specialists assess each case on an individual basis, taking into account the initial investigation findings, victim statement and medical records supplied by your regional authority. Once a case has been established, your assigned solicitor will work with you every step of the way to ensuring you obtain 100% compensation, if your case is successful.

We understand that medical negligence cases can be extremely sensitive, therefore we provide an array of options by which you can contact our medical litigation team. If you would like to arrange a call-back without disclosing details, please fill in the short form here and we will contact you at your convenience. Alternatively, you can call us at your discretion on 0800 for preliminary, no-obligation advice.