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Medical Negligence Which Leads To Medical Negligence Claims

March 8, 2013 by  Filed under News


Sickness always strikes in our lives and all we can do is do what is inevitable; visit the hospital. This means that we are left in the hands of the professionals. In the UK though, it seems as though this doctors have not lived up to their end of the deal causing medical negligence claims. Medical experts have the duty to make sure that there all their patients are their "medical negligence"first priority at all times.

Medical negligence

You may actually not know exactly what medical negligence is about, though it is a term used quite a lot. Medical negligence also known as clinical negligence is when medical personnel fall short of their expectation. This means that they miss to meet their standards which are very high. Having known that medical personnel handle human life, there should be no room for error. It is unfortunate however in the UK where this seems not to be true. Since medical professionals are breeching trust with the patients, they’re supposed to make sure that they answer for this negligence. This way, filing clinical negligence claims comes in handy. Many have been gravely affected due to medical negligence which is mainly disheartening.

Medical negligence facets

There are many ways that medical negligence happens and here are the main once.

Wrong diagnosis: They only reason that we as patients go to the hospital are so that we can get a solution to the ailments we suffer from. It is sad though, that doctors are very careless in that they give the wrong medicine to the ailing. This is very fatal in that it brings so many problems to the patient, as though being sick isn’t enough already.  This is mainly psychotically and even emotionally. This is very scary and it makes the victims of this form of negligence shattered. If one is diagnosed with cancer and then later finds out it was a misdiagnosis, then it is only imaginable how distressed they could be. More problems like hypertension crop up. Clinical negligence claims are also filed when patients are told that they do not have a disease only to see that later, they actually do.  This is a flip side to the above point.

Birth injuries: There is nothing more exciting than bringing a life into the world. If you know a friend who is pregnant, you always wait in anticipation for the baby to be born. In the UK though, hospitals have the most horrific stories.  One thing is when newborn children develop complications. Nobody ever wants this to happen to them or anyone. Medical personnel have clearly demonstrated that even the very young ones are not speared. This is very depressing. There are horrible stories where children develop brain injuries because the doctors missed to catch the symptoms before. Others have had their heads or limbs cut off from caesarean sections gone sour and more. When a parent files medical negligence claims it is the least she or he can do to find justice.

Wrong administration of medication: With the point about misdiagnosis, this is also sort of connected. It is almost certain that when you are misdiagnosed with a condition, you will obviously be given the wrong treatment as well. All this becomes destructive for the body and it can make so much of a problem that cannot be reversed. With wrong administration, it also means that doctors do not consider asking about allergies to medication. Some surgeries require anaesthesia and some patients can only handle some amounts. It is certainly the doctor’s duty to find out what medication is good or not. Otherwise medical negligence claims are fitting.

Medical negligence effects

With all the very sad effects which are direct such as brain injuries and so on, the greater one is the paralyzing of normal life forever. You may not really be seeing the impact of this, but an example is a new born child who is diagnosed with cerebral palsy that could have been prevented. Well that child’s life and future will be shuttered form then on. Medical "no win no fee"negligence basically puts a halt to patient’s life.

Filing a claim

With the above points, there is nothing more to do other than file a claim and with haste. Filing a claim can take a while but this should not deter you, and the earlier the better. It is very important that you find the answers to all the pain and suffering caused. The best way to do this is by filing a claim.

How to file

The first thing to do in the process of filing a claim is to find a solicitor to help with the claims. Solicitors are very much experienced with this form of negligence and your case will clearly not be the first one to handle. Solicitors will represent you in court and will assure you of compensation. It is important that you are represented because there is no way you can handle the legal issues on your own.

It is undeniable that accidents happen all the time but if they happen due to the careless of medical personnel then it is negligence. This is especially if the accident would have been prevented in the first place. Hospitals should not have any space for err as they are dealing with human life. It is sad that medical negligence actually takes lots of lives and asking for compensation is just the least you can do.

A band member of a famous UK band died from medical negligence according to a news article.  It is very important that we file for these claims because if you do it is going to bring out all the darkness from the medical field. Make sure you do not sit in silence with a lot of pain and suffering. Make sure you get a voice today and find a solicitor to adders the issues. This will be for the greater good. File now.

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