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UK No-win-no-fee Solicitors Turning the Realization of Medical Negligence Claims Easier

July 26, 2012 by  Filed under News


The diseased people mostly depend on the medical practitioners and nurses, and expect to receive excellent care and treatment from them for recovery. In most instances, their expectations are met by the doctors. However, doctors are not God and they can commit errors at times. However, a small error on the part of the doctor can lead to dangerous consequences and can even prove fatal at times. The United Kingdom enjoys one of the world’s best health care systems; at least a recent international survey confirms so. Still, the number of medical negligence cases is escalating every year. In the last 5 years, the number of medical malpractice cases has increased by 52% annually. In the no win no fee solicitors2005-06, 5,697 medical negligence claims were filed, while in 2010-11, the 8,655 claims were recorded by the National Health Service Litigation Authority (NHSLA). If you have been a victim of clinical negligence in the recent past, you have every right to avail legal support to ameliorate your chances of winning maximum compensation. You can also demand apology for the losses you have endured due to medical malpractice. Remember a medical practitioner responsible for committing a medical negligence must inform the victimized patient about the wrong treatment.

Getting the help of a professional no win no fee solicitor is important in the instances of clinical negligence. The solicitors who are experts in the domain of law and have ample experience in dealing with medical malpractice cases can improve the chances of acquiring maximum compensation. Availing the services of a lawyer who works on no win no fee basis is good in the sense that you will not have to pay anything upfront. The lawyer will only get his payment if he can get the deserved compensation for you.

Highlighted are some of the chief medical malpractice instances for which you can rightfully claim compensation:

  • Birth Injury: Sometimes, improper administration of medicines to the pregnant ladies can lead to birth injuries. A child can be born disabled due to mistakes during the surgical delivery of the baby. In these instances, the parents of the new born baby can seek the assistance of the no win no fee solicitors and file clinical negligence claims against the guilty medical practitioner.
  • Wrong Dental Treatment: Mistakes committed by a dentist during the treatment procedure can provide the patient with lots of pains and sufferings. To cite an example, if a dentist fails to judge the x-rays and removes a healthy tooth, you can consider filing a compensation claim against the dentist.
  • Hospital Negligence: Sometimes, the patients have to go through immense sufferings and pain due to the fault and negligence of the hospital. There are numerous mistakes that a hospital can commit. Suppose, you have gone to a hospital to undergo a renal surgery. The doctor mistakenly removes your healthy right kidney instead of the affected left kidney. In this instance, you an approach a professional solicitor to file a medical negligence compensation claim against the hospital.

If you have sustained any of these clinical negligence cases, it is high time that you get the help of an expert solicitor can file a medical negligence compensation claim.

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