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10 Year Girl Receives Medical negligence Compensation for Her Lost legs

May 25, 2012 by  Filed under News


Medical negligenceLydia Cross, a 10-year-old girl, lost her legs after her GP failed to diagnose the symptoms of meningitis. Tony and Jodi Cross, Lydia’s parents sued Dr. John Harrison, the concerned GP, who had advised them over the phone about how to take care of the sick child. Dr. Harrison finally realized his fault and admitted that he should have the Cross home to see the Lydia rather than dispensing advice over the telephone. London’s High Court ordered the GP to pay £1.78 million medical negligence compensation for her ongoing care.

Lydia was a healthy child before she caught septicemia. The parents called their local GP to treat the symptoms of their desperately ill child. The doctor failed to make the right diagnosis and the child was later diagnosed with a serious type of meningitis which led to her multiple organ failure. Gangrene was detected and Lydia lost her legs below the knee. Now, Lydia needs to have her bones pared to accommodate her prosthetic legs that are cast every 9 months.

Cross family believes that it is the delay of diagnosis that cost Lydia her legs. According to Mrs. Cross, had the doctor been prompt enough to identify the right reasons of Lydia’s illness, the problems would have been treated and cured.

The medical negligence trial was raised in London’s Court where after a lot of assessment, the case was settled for £1.78 million after 8 years of the incident. The no win no fee solicitors present in the London’s High Court during the court proceedings agreed that the GPs should be properly trained to avoid this type of tragic incidents. The Cross family welcomed the judgment. Lydia’s happy mother said that it has been a long road and she is really satisfied with what she has got after eight years of struggle.

Angus McCullough, the solicitor who was representing the doctor at fault, apologized on behalf of his client. He said that his client apologized even before the court proceedings were issued. He praised Lydia’s parents for offering utmost care and support to the child. He asserted that Lydia has received the best quality legs which would help her to live the best possible life.

Anthony Fair-weather, the solicitor who represented the Cross family in the court, said that the money received as compensation will directly go to a trust to provide Lydia with new prosthetic legs in the coming years.

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