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Brain injuries at birth, Compensation Claim her family fear for other families in their position withthe new changes for legal aid

March 20, 2012 by  Filed under Featured, News


Olivia Collis is a eight year old girl who suffered complications before her birth which has now left her with brain injuries for life. Her parents and family from Cardiff are worried that due to the future changes with the legal aid that families in their position with similar injuries are not going to get the right help and support they need. They believe others wont be able to get justice for these terrible mistakes. Olivia and her family got the help from the state to help them fight their medical negligence case this might of been from no win no fee solicitors.

Leanne Collis who is Olivias mum is worried for other families going through the same as her and her family, she believes that other families who claim for medical negligence should be able to have the state support them through this sad time some medical negligence no win no fee claims can take years to figure out.

The mother from Cardiff has said that families will be on their own and will have to support themselves with the legal aid and in many cases wont be able to afford it. She says when you have a child or someone to care for with brain injuries then the parents or carers can no longer work as they have a full time job caring for the injured. They will struggle to not work and be a carer without the legal aid.

The family are now waiting on a response from specialists to work out how much equipment and care will be needed to support Olivia now and in the future for the rest of her life. They will go through everything before finally offering a figure for her compensation.

In Olivia’s case the Welsh Ambulance Service have partly admitted liability for her injuries.

By 2015 the government aim to save £350 million per year on legal aid saying only limited medical negligence cases to be funded. They have said that cases like Olivia Collis wont be affected and that they will recieve the care and support they need.

After a series of defeats the legal aid sentencing and punishment of offenders bill will go back to the House of Lords on Tuesday.

The bill has already had ammendments which states that in obstetric medical negligence cases that support will be allowed to those affected.

Andrew Davies has said diiferent he is worried that not all brain injury cases even those like Olivia Collis might not be included in these ammendments. He believes that these people who have suffered brain injuries shpuld get the help and support through the courts. These are the most vulnerable in society.

Over more than £2.1 billion a year its costing for the legal aid, this is one of the most costly and expensive legal aid systems in the world. The country can no longer afford this so their must be some changes said a spokesperson for the Ministry of Justice.

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